Tenders called for Boggabilla-Toomelah water pipeline project

MEMBER for the Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall said tenders were now open for the construction of the Boggabilla to Toomelah water pipeline and there’s already been strong interest.

“Thanks to the Water Security for Regions program, the state government has put in $4.6 million to make sure the residents of Boggabilla and Toomelah can be assured of water from their taps, even through the very dry times,” Mr Marshall said.

“Moree Plains Shire Council secured the funding and will be co-ordinating the entire project.

“The current water supply infrastructure for Toomelah has hit its use-by-date, with water sourced from a single artesian bore via an electrical pump.  There have been instances when the town’s water supply has failed during the hotter months and water has had to be trucked in.

“For Boggabilla, silt from floods can clog up the existing water inlets, causing problems with flow and water quality.

Mr Marshall said the new pipeline and associated upgrades would ensure Boggabilla and Toomelah could share water, depending on conditions.WaterTap001

“This means that residents can look forward to reliable, clean water – no matter what the weather may throw at them,” he said.

Companies interested in tendering the contract can register through the Tenderlink platform, found on Moree Plains Shire Council’s website

The project has already attracted considerable interest, with last week’s pre-tender meeting drawing over a dozen companies. The tender will close at 3pm on 7 February 2017.  The applications will then be evaluated and Moree Plains Shire Councillors will determine the tender at their council meeting on 24 February.

Interested participants should view the Request for Tender through Tenderlink and any associated questions should be directed through this platform

The work to be undertaken by Moree Plains Shire Council includes:

  • Construction of a new bi-directional pipeline between Boggabilla and Toomelah;
  • New inlet infrastructure at Boggabilla; and
  • Transfer pump stations in Boggabilla and Toomelah

Media Release February 1, 2017