Special strikeforce requested to “clean up” Moree

MEMBER for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall last night used the floor of State Parliament to throw down the gauntlet to a group of ‘brainless thugs and gutless mongrels’ who believe themselves to be ‘above the law’.

A recent trail of destruction and assaults in Moree have plagued the tight-knit community and the local MP is demanding stronger government responses including a dedicated police strike force to boost local police efforts and greater support from Family and Community Services (FaCS).

Speaking about the recent spike in crime in and around Moree, Mr Marshall said he stood with the community in fighting back. moreepolicestation003

“I am incredibly honoured to represent Moree and love the richness, the diversity and the tight-knit community that is Moree; it is, indeed, one of the jewels of the Northern Tablelands electorate,” Mr Marshall said.

“Over the past few months a group of what I can only describe as brainless thugs have been menacing the good people of Moree and committing offences, members of the community are frustrated and have had a gutful and so have I.

“On Sunday night the situation reached boiling point when a well-respected 79-year-old woman was attacked in her own home by a group of young cowards.

“Not only was her home broken into while she was there, but she was hit in the face with a brick by these gutless mongrels, suffering severe injuries and it was a miracle that she was not killed.

“Well, enough is enough – the rule of law must apply everywhere in this State, including in the beautiful community of Moree.”

The MP met with the Deputy Commissioner for Regional NSW Field Operations Gary Worboys APM yesterday, making a direct request for a police strike force team to be established and deployed to Moree immediately.  The MP also sought an assurance that any such response would remain as long as is needed to root out the offenders.

“I was very impressed with the Deputy Commissioner’s depth of understanding and compassion for the issues confronting the community and I have the greatest confidence that he will take this request on board,” Mr Marshall said.

“There also needs to be greater support from other agencies such as community services and I have questioned the current FaCS staffing and resource levels in Moree.

“In collaboration with Moree Plains Shire Council (MPSC) and the Department of Justice, I am also working to implement the Family Investment Model (FIM) in Moree.

“This program enhances family relationships, working with families that may be experiencing difficulty to ensure their children respect the law, and are themselves respected in turn.

“Believe me, Moree is up for a fight and the losers will be the thugs who think they can rule the roost – they will soon realise they picked the wrong fight.”

The MP also commended the response by the Moree community including organisations like Miyay Birray and Moree Plains Shire Council which have been working proactively to shift community attitudes, discourage crime and assist NSW Police with prosecuting offenders.

The police have made a high number of arrests and laid many charges and the MP said a strong response by the NSW Government will buoy that community strength, and deliver quick and long-term benefits – not at least to those younger offenders who can be diverted from the slippery slope of thuggery and crime.

Media Release: Thursday, November 23