Polly Antees explains what to eat while travelling this long weekend

EATING while distracted increases the amount of food you consume.

If your taste buds do not have time to tell your brain what wonderful flavours you are eating you may find you need seconds to enjoy the meal – or even worst miss enjoying the pleasure of eating.


These four food varieties all represent 2000kJ.

If needing to eat while doing such things as driving, computer work or watching TV then swap some of the higher kilojoule snacks for lower kilojoule choices.

These pictures all represent 2000kJ.  A quarter of the average Australians energy requirements.    One cup of chips equals a three-quarter cup of rice malt syrup which equals nine cups of vegetables. This equals five serves of fruit plus seven almonds.

I love my vegetables however I do not think I could eat all those vegetables in one sitting.  However, a packet of chips or sweetened almonds would be easy.

Almonds are a great protein source and contain healthy fats however seven-10 a day is a healthy serve.

Tips for driving:

  • Take plenty of water. Sipping on water has zero energy and great for hydrating the mind and improving concentration
  • Take containers or zip-locked bags of cut up vegetables. Get creative.  Freshly grown cauliflower is fantastic eaten raw.  It is so sweet.  You will be able to munch your way to Brisbane.  Try that with a packet of 45g packet of chips.
  • Aim to have two pieces of fruit a day
  • Stop every two hours and have a break. Take a picnic and make a sandwich at a park.  This provides time for children to burn up energy and they will be more relaxed in the car.  Adults you can stretch your legs.

Like I always say: Enjoy food in moderation.

Moderate amounts vary for foods. Vegetables are about four or five cups while nuts is a small handful.  Chocolate is a row compared to two serves of fruit.

Safe travels and enjoy the long weekend.

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