New Aussies welcomed to Moree

AS part of the anniversary of the renaming of the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 to the Australian Citizenship Act 1948, six people were sworn in as Aussies at Moree Plains Shire Council today.

Hosting a citizenship ceremony is one of the key highlights for mayor Katrina Humphries, and she welcomed the new Australians who hail from India, South Africa, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

“I am very proud to welcome you all to Moree Plains and into our rich and diverse community,” Cr Humphries said.


Grant Van Rooyen, Vasif Abdul Latheef, MPSC general manager Lester Rodgers, mayor Cr Katrina Humphries, Aila and Sandy Erlank, Jimmy and Jennifer Erlank, and Xuan Nguyen.

“Today’s ceremony is an important opportunity for all Australians, whether they are citizens by birth or by pledge, to come together to acknowledge what’s great about Australia and being Australian.”

Australian Citizenship Day is celebrated annually on September 17.

It provides a great opportunity for all Australians to take pride in their citizenship and to reflect on the meaning and importance of being Australian.

The mayor presented the conferees with a copy of Moree Plains Shire Council’s coffee table book In Plain View and a native tree as symbols of new beginnings, new experiences and for a prosperous, happy and fruitful life in Australia.

Media Release: September 14, 2017