More counsellors for NSW public schools

Media Release

NSW public schools will see a 45 per cent boost in counsellors and psychologists to help improve students’ wellbeing.

The first of 236 additional counselling and psychologist positions in NSW schools have been filled as part of the NSW Government’s $167 million Supported Students, Successful Studentsinitiative.

This year, 50 primary schools will have a full-time student counsellor or psychologist for the first time. The number of high schools with a full-time position will more than quadruple to almost

Minister for Education Adrian Piccoli says schools are also receiving additional funding for wellbeing services that best meet their students’ needs.

“Schools are supporting students with a broad range of wellbeing issues. That’s why in addition to extra counsellors and psychologists, we are giving schools the flexibility to use a range of services, including youth workers and mental health programs,” Mr Piccoli said.

The new resources are in addition to existing expertise provided in NSW schools by more than 4,000 specialist staff.