Message to Moree’s hoon drivers: Slow down or lose your vehicle

Local Police want to send a message to hoon drivers – if you want to keep your car, slow down and obey the law.

Local Traffic & Highway Patrol Command Officer, Sergeant Mark Lyon said “Police have legislation available to them which sees a hard line drawn in relation to hoon offences”.

Sergeant Lyon said “drivers who are charged with their first hooning offence can have their plates seized or vehicle impounded for a period of three months. A second hooning offence after that will see their car seized permanently by the state and auctioned”.

It would appear it is only for the sake of good luck that no other persons or property were injured during recent incidents in the Moree Sector.

Sergeant Lyon said “Our local roads are not a race track and most of these drivers are inexperienced, selfish people who think it is acceptable to place others at risk and disturb others – let me tell you, it’s not”.highwaypatrolcar

“All too often we see the fatal results of this type of behaviour and all too often it is young drivers involved”.

Research has found four main reasons for traffic crashes involving young drivers: risk taking; perception of hazards; passengers and night driving.

“The responsibility that comes with being behind the wheel is huge – not only are you responsible for your own and your passenger’s lives but also those of other road users and pedestrians”.

Anyone with information about these activities should call Barwon LAC on 02 67557 0799 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Details can also be submitted anonymously via the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: We remind people they should not report crime information via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Please remember do not place yourself at risk when trying to gather information for Police.