Mentors to assist young offenders

Media Release

To reduce the rates of young people re-offending, mentors will assist juveniles get their lives back on track.

The NSW Government is providing $700,000 over three years to support the mentoring program at Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre on the Central Coast and the Riverina Murray Juvenile Justice Community Office.

The program will assist 90 young offenders in the last six months of their sentence and the first six months of their release into the community.young-hands-jail

Minister for Corrections David Elliott said the rate of recidivism among young offenders was a serious concern.

“This is why we are providing access to a positive role model as one way of reducing the risk of reoffending,” Mr Elliott said.

“Young offenders in custody around NSW face issues such as homelessness, mental health problems, a lack of good role models and cognitive impairment. Many are also in the out-of-home-care system and lack stability in their lives”.

The program aims to break the cycle of reoffending and keep young people from coming back to the juvenile system or graduating to the adult correctional system.