Meet George Chiu, a stand-alone candidate in the upcoming MPSC local election

George Loi Sung Chiu just recently celebrated his 60th birthday.

He is a single dad with three adult children, Donna, Darren and Adam. George came to Australia 34 years ago from homeland Hong Kong, and arrived in Moree in 1983 to start employment at Moree Golf Club.

“It was fate that brought me to Moree . . . no worries,” George smiles.

Hard work – and more hard work – has enabled George to become one of Moree’s most successful businessmen. George is now the owner-operator of Moree’s Dragon Phoenix Resort, which he continues to expand to this day.

He resides at his Frome Street complex, which is currently undergoing further extensions that includes a block of strata title units.SAGeorgeChiu

Have you had any previous roles, either as an employee or volunteer in local, state or federal government?

I am currently Moree Plains Shire Council Economy Ambassador.

What are the main reasons that made you want to stand for council?

I want to help Moree grow today and in the future.

Is this the first time you have stood for council?

This is the third time.

Are you standing alone or with a running mate(s)?

I am standing alone.

What do you love most about Moree Plains Shire?

I love the laid back lifestyle, the friendly and honest people and the beautiful environment. Moree is a town full of opportunity, especially with its vast, rural agricultural industry.

What do you think the main issues are in Moree that need addressing?

Moree needs greater employment opportunities for the younger generation as well as diversification of the local economy.

Do you think the current council is aiming in the right direction on various projects and/or issues?

I think council has done a great job so far. However, I would like to see greater emphasis on taking advantage of business opportunities with our major trading partners.

How can the current council improve on what it is doing at the moment? Is money being spent on the right projects?

I believe council needs to focus more on what Moree can offer to our major trading partners. Areas to focus on are Agriculture and Education.

Has the current council let down the people of Moree? If so, how?

Not at all; I think council has done a tremendous job over the past couple of years.

What are your pastimes, hobbies or passions?

I like playing golf and going out for breakfast with the family each weekend.

Is there anything else you would like to add that hasn’t been covered in this questionnaire?

We should utilise our resources to create secondary industries, which in turn will provide massive long-term employment opportunities for our younger generation.

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