Lots 1-3 Leap for Mick online art auction

Welcome to the Leap for Mick online art auction, aimed at raising money for terminally-ill Moree man Mick Colbran, his wife Alice and their two young boys, Tom ad Sam.

Lots 1-3, and the stories behind them, are listed below with bidding officially opening at 6pm sharp on Friday, February 26.

Winners will be announced after all bidding officially closes at 6pm sharp on Sunday, March 13.

A Tip: This is an auction where the highest tender wins, so making an offer fractionally above the “offers above” figure will not necessarily win the item. Genuine buyers need to consider this, as the tender process is open for 16 days and potential buyers can only place one offer. The trick is to be generous and bid skyward if you genuinely want the item you are bidding on.COLBRAN_mick_alice 199

How the auction works: Prospective buyers will have three options when lodging bids. Bidders can privately inbox offers to “Bill Cindy Poulos” on Facebook, email offers to or text offers to 0448 203621. Please state your full name and telephone contact details (mobile preferred) as well as the Lot Number and name of the item you are bidding on and the amount you are offering. You can bid on more than one item and all offers will be strictly confidential. In the event of equal highest offers on any item, all bidders concerned will be notified and invited to renew their offers. Freight or postage costs are the responsibility of the successful tenderer. Payment will be made to a special Leap for Mick trust account that has been set up at New England Mutual after bidding is closed and the winners announced.

All pieces can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.

Bidding on all items will open at 6pm sharp on Friday, February 26 and close at 6pm sharp on Sunday, March 13.

A big, big thank-you goes to Kylie McNamara, James Kearns, Nikki Rose, Chris Roberts, Heidi Morris, Jody Connelly, Yaama Ganu Centre, The Moree Gallery, Ian Reardon, Chloe McDermott, Belinda Williams, Janelle Boyd, Kristy Gray, Ann Johnson, Kerrie Matchett and Murray Hartin for making this happen!

Lot #1

Tula the Moonlight Owl by Kylie McNamara

“MEET Tula, the moonlight owl! She’s all finished and ready for auction!” beamed Moree artist Kylie McNamara when presenting her just-completed sculpture for the Leap for Mick online art auction.

Kylie, a Moree Plains Art Gallery curator who is currently on maternity leave, is a Moree-based artist who has worked on many large-scale murals around the north-west.

Her work ranges from landscape paintings and photography, studies of native flora and fauna and in recent times, paper sculpture – just like Tula.


Kylie McNamara with her wayward pooch Terrah and Tula the Moonlight Owl.

“This work was built with wire and sculpted with hand-made Euraba paper, papier-mache and paper clay,” Kylie said.

Kylie is the inspiration behind the Leap for Mick online art auction – and her wandering border-collie cross Terrah is the reason it has all fallen so perfectly in to place.

Terrah went missing a few months ago and an appeal on Facebook via the Deluxe Café Moree NEWS page had Kylie reunited with her beloved canine within hours.

“That got me thinking about how helpful people can be so I approached Bill and Cindy Poulos with the idea of giving them one of my works to raffle or auction, with the proceeds going to something worthwhile,” Ms McNamara said.

“It was just my way of saying ‘thank-you’ for finding Terrah.”

Kylie’s act of kindness has now grown to a virtual auction house displaying 18 pieces, worth thousands of dollars – and as a display of canine approval, Terrah again did a vanishing act last Sunday, the day the online art auction’s sneak preview was launched.

“He and his mate Bella were gone for nearly a week but as soon as we put them up on Facebook as missing they were found,” Kylie beamed.

Tula the Moonlight Owl stands 35cm tall. Offers above $350 please.

Tula the Moonlight Owl can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.


Lot #2

Country Call by Alyssa Wright, donated by The Moree Gallery

FRAMED Giclee print Country Call is a signed, limited edition piece by Queensland-based artist Alyssa Wright.

It is the seventh of just 50 signed, giclee prints and was framed in a bespoke brushed silver frame by Kerrie Matchett of Moree Frame and Art.

Country Call, a valuable piece measuring almost one-metre square, has been donated to the Leap for Mick online art auction by Gig Moses from the Moree Gallery in the Max Centre on Heber Street, Moree.

“I spotted Alyssa’s work at an exhibition and was really taken; in fact, I purchased two of the 50 limited edition prints,” Gig said.


Gig Moses, from The Moree Gallery, with Alyssa Wright’s Country Call.

The Moree Gallery prides itself in bringing the talent of established and successful artists to northern New South Wales as well as exhibiting the work of new and emerging young artists as they launch their careers.

The gallery, described “as an eclectic showcase of works straddling a wide range of styles and genres” has four exhibitions each year, bringing the talent of established and successful artists to Northern NSW as well as showing off the work of new and emerging young artists as they launch their careers.

This year Sally Hawthorne, Catherine Stewart and Anne Smith will feature in May; Annie Herron in July; Paula Jenkins in September; and Jill Wilson and Luone Bespoke Jewellery in November.

Artists represented at The Moree Gallery include Sally West, Sarah MacDonald, Catherine Stewart, Jenie Fawckner, Samantha Michelle, Laura White, Vanessa Stockard and Polly Kimmorley.

Country Call measures 100cm high x 90cm wide. Offers above $650 please.

Country Call can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.


Lot #3

The Campdrafter by Ian Reardon

AS a child Ian Reardon was encouraged to paint by his maternal grandfather, Jack Isbister.

He later studied at The Southport School before returning to Lairdoo, Moree to help run the family property. His duties included droving cattle between Lairdoo and another family property at Collarenebri.

Although Ian excelled at art at The Southport School – he says it was his best subject – he didn’t pick up a brush and palette again until the late 1990s.

“We had a truly great teacher when I was going to school and being taught so well made it so much easier to take it back up again,” Ian said.


Ian Reardon with The Campdrafter

He favoured using water colours and pastels when he returned to the easel but these days he uses mostly oils.

Ian spent many long periods in the saddle with sheep and cattle – gaining inspiration for much of his work – before farming became the major enterprise.

Now in his late 60s, Ian is enjoying both his art as well as his farming. Much of Ian’s art revolves around family, stock and the characters he finds in the bush.

“I painted The Campdrafter as a young fella; I love to paint that sort of thing,” Ian said.

The Campdrafter measures 72cm wide x 62cm high. Offers above $400 please.

The Campdrafter can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.

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