Double demerit points in force this June long weekend

WITH an increase in traffic on roads due to the June long weekend, local residents are warned that speeding, illegal use of mobile phones and electronic devices or failure to wear a seatbelt will incur double demerit points.

And the same applies for motorcyclists that fail to wear helmets.

Double demerit points will be in force for four days commencing midnight on Thursday, June 8 and ending midnight on Monday, June 12 inclusive.

Moree Plains Shire Councils road safety officer Renee McMillan said there will be more police on the road, meaning a greater chance of drivers receiving fines and losing demerit points.Double Demerits

Police enforcement figures show that double demerit points are deterrents for motorists from speeding, illegally using a mobile phone or hand-held electronic device and not wearing their seatbelt or helmet when roads are at their busiest.

“Drivers should be warned that they are at greatest risk of losing their license during this period.  There will be more Police on the roads and therefore more chance of getting caught and losing points,” Mrs McMillan said.

Speeding is the chief contributing factor in fatal and serious injury crashes across NSW and statistics show that approximately one in five occupants killed on country roads were not wearing a seatbelt.

When speeding, motorists not only risk the chance of being caught by Police, they also increase the risk of being involved in an accident.

Even small reductions in speed can make a large difference to speeds on impact, stopping distance and the time drivers have to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

All these things can mean the difference between life and death.

“And we all know about the life-saving potential of seatbelts,” Mrs McMillan said.

“Even in a low-speed crash, if you are not correctly restrained you will become a missile in the vehicle, possibly hitting the windscreen, dashboard or other occupants in the car.

“You could also be ejected from the vehicle.  Wearing a seatbelt can be the difference between dying or surviving a crash,” she said.

Mrs McMillan encourages all road users to stay safe this June long weekend.

With the increase in traffic the risk of crashes occurring increases too but the onus is on all road users to be vigilant.  Everyone has a part to play in reducing the amount of crashes and risky behaviour.

“Remember to slow down, schedule plenty of breaks during your trip, don’t drink and drive and ensure you and all your passengers are wearing a seatbelt,” Mrs McMillan said.

Media Release: June 5, 2017