Don’t let the you-know-what hit the fan as council checks that sewerage is, um, up to scratch

SEWERAGE maintenance in the southern areas of Moree over the next six months might be just enough to educate a few household males a bit about toilet etiquette – or the you-know-what just might hit the fan.

The great toilet seat debate is one that every household and organisation with uni-sex bathroom facilities has, however Moree Plains Shire Council encourages residents to keep the lid down while a comprehensive sewer maintenance program of the public sanitary sewer collection system is done.

Council’s Water and Waste manager David Wolfenden said contractors will be cleaning the sewer mains in all areas south of the Dr Geoffrey Hunter Bridge and Edward Street crossing (Dr Hollingsworth Bridge) with high-pressure water cleaners, so residents should take precautions in case of backflows.

Crews will also be inspecting pipes with robotic cameras to ensure Moree’s extensive sewerage system is, um, up to scratch.

“We are using pressurised methods to clean the pipes, and from time to time this creates backflow issues,” Mr Wolfenden said.


Keep the lid down! says Moree Plains Shire Council

“To ensure you don’t end up with a mess in the bathroom, we recommend you make sure the toilet lid is shut.”

Council and contractors may also need to access sewer manholes that are located on private properties.

A notification letter will be left in your mailbox stating that access will be required between 7:30am and 5pm Monday to Saturday, but your presence is not required.

“If you do experience any problems, or you have concerns about access to the sewer manholes, please contact council immediately,” Mr Wolfenden said.

The works and sewer evaluation is a proactive effort to manage the cost of the sewer system through early detection of defects and strategic planning of improvements.