Cindy’s incredible memory: Read our wallpaper

Cindy has gained quite a reputation for remembering exactly just how everyone likes their coffee . . .

“Okay . . . We need a Jock, a Tayla, a Robbo and Kevin and a Hamish – it must be Friday – as well as a Rob and an Anna. Adrian and Pon are here as well and Janine wants the usual two. Then we have Brent, Brad, Ox, Marrie, Matt, Bec, BJ, Gavin and Paul plus a Nicole, a JP, a Jason and a Kym as well as soy Nicole and decaf Naomi, and Gelina, David, Stewart and Elisha, and one for Aaron; Tim and John want their milkshakes – has anyone told them it’s 7am and the middle of winter? Rhonda and Murray are here as well and so is Vern and Amanda wants a hot chocolate – she’s off the soy for the time being; set up one for Wal and then we need a Dennis, a Crow and a Daryl . . . and don’t bloody forget Bluey. Run a couple over to Jo and Richard and Kenway will have the regular order: Karen, Gemille, Alex, Huggy, Teresa, Mark, Peter, Emma, a milkshake for Sam, Melissa, Libby and Dutchy — and Kevin’s calling in to say g’day so better add him to the list. Now, who’s next . . . there’s Alf, a Hendo, an Ando and a Timmy R and a Dave, and Muz will be here soon. Alf and Brownie are here and Brad and Pedro just called – we need a couple delivered to Holly and Cooper too, remember. Maggie and Ian are next, and Busso and Henry are after them, just before Norman. Kate H is here and we need one for Cam, a Gavin plus a Donny, a Guy, a Martine and a Nikki and a couple for Peter and Mary, a Daniel B and one for Warialda Mark. Craig and Amy’s are ready then we need one for Peta and one each for Kylie and Simon  and another two for the other Kilie and Simon and one for Charlie – school holidays, remember. Amy’s Simon is here as well and so are Simon and Maria – jeez, there’s too many bloody Simons! Marie and Paul from Bingara will be here soon, and so will Mark and Steve from Gundy. Chesterfield want theirs as well – warm hot choc remember with marshmallows in – and Gwanita, Doug, Dave, Sandy, Wendy and Sally from Hill Fitz are ready to be delivered. The two Mc’s are here as well – Peter and Andrew – and Paul G is 10 minutes away. Now, we need a Jake, a Leanne, and Tian from Tourism just rang. Let’s make a Shane and a Brad, one for R&R Jacqui and one for the other Shane as well as ones for VJ and David. Now there’s Bobcat Bob, Bruce T wants three, Kendo and Chris and Cathy – skinny hot chocolate Cathy this time. Now, let’s see . . . a Sharon, a Claire, a double-shot for Frank plus his slice, a Val and a Peter M – large one this time – and a Craig and one for Angie. OK, SES Susie is here and so is Fluffy, no caramel slice for him, remember it gives him gout, and Jeremy’s ready for his double-shot macci. Next up we need a Zoe, a Julie, a Toby and a Johnny as well as the two Pauls, a Greg, a Darren, and a Dennis – the other Dennis! Peter from Pally just rang and wants two of his usual – may as well get one for Sally from Pally as well – and a couple for Justin and Della. One for Jillian, another for Amy and one for Sandy; Okay . . . let’s make a Clarry, a Tash and Tim, four for the Craigies; one for Reevesy, one for Dale, one for Richie, and three for Sharon, Karli and Lisa. Jacqui P just texted her “1″ and Jane L is on her way. The Zannes order is ready – extra ice-cream in the milkshakes, remember – and they can go with Kaye and Kylie. Now, get me some large ready: Heath and Ally have just pulled up; one for Doc, two for Mick and Zelch; one for Peter D as well as a hot chocolate Charlie, a Margie B, and a Rod . . . he’ll probably want a double-choc ice-cream as well. Okay . . . now we’ve got SRF’s Friday order: Ben, Jordon, Thisal, Jason, Mellita, Stacey, Champika, Catherine, Brooke, Amy, Ellen, Frank, Alison, Jack, Sandra, Richard, Lisa, Simone and Faye – and don’t forget Mr Farrar! We need a couple for Sao and Keith and one for Faulkner, and Hugh and Sarah are on their way . . . and so is Bec and Ben and Margie as well as Shayne and Scott, the two Belindas and Rob and Flo and Tian and Baden as well as Sarah . . . only half-strength remember! Now we need a couple of long blacks for Carol and we’ve got deliveries for Sam Von, AFF and Bronwyn and Fiona at David’s office; David and Shayne want a couple too but they’ll pick them up. Mytyme and Beauty Matters can go together and we need a Suzie and a Rob as well. After that there’s St Phillies and the Christian School, then Monckton’s, Geoff F, Bill A, Ian, Dan and Jacqui, and the two Jasons . . . yes, both of them. Phew . . . now we need Ro, Beau and Craig; there’s a big order for theatre and recovery wants theirs at 10 . . . and don’t forget Hardman’s at 10.15.  Amaroo wants three this time – half-strength for Della – and Jo from Carol Ave just called: the usual six for 10.10. Ray from Pally just called and Suzy wants three, Tex wants one and so does Cheryl and Katie L as well. Crikey, look who’s back in town . . .  grab a small piccolo for Harvey, and don’t bloody forget Bec, she’s on her way. Jukes want the regular four and Jason and Ellie can go with Jo’s order. We have to drop a couple to Kristy at Girard’s so Killer and Kym can go with those. Red and Morro are here – together at the same time, now there’s a bloody treat – and John and Deb just called. Soy mocha Helen is next and don’t forget David B’s flat white – and his slice. Shultzy’s just arrived too – Theresa’s Shultzy, not the other one. Now for the Heber Street run: we need a Gig, a Helen, a Sarah, a Kerrie, a Kylie, a Dibs, a Phoebe and David and a couple for Georgie – no sugar, remember – and ones for Shelli and Jenny, St George Jenny not Al’s Jenny!! We can drop off Lisa and Kerrie’s on the way. Let’s see now, start two for Steve and Casey O, one for Gus as well — lid off, and remember he’s off milk so it’s long blacks now — and one for Hendo – pie-man Hendo this time – and Red Ute Brett is here, too. Tracey is here with the kids and so is Steve C. Anne from the school just called and Narelle wants two iced coffees this time. Justine and James are here and Mark Harborne wants two – white chocolate this time – as well as a hot chocolate for Ronnie . . . we may as well get Peter’s white chocolate done as well. Barry’s here and so is Makaylie and Brad. Now we need one for Jacqui M and another for Jacqui A, then we’ve got Gabe, Donny, two lots of Jennys and Johns – don’t mix them up, remember what happened last time – and a Neil and a Kym, a Hugh and an Austin. Knock up a soy tiger for Danielle and a couple for Amara and Alana and two for Annabel. Amy wants three this time, she’s back on day shift. Albert Street office girls want their big order and don’t forget to add Robyn. Val and Jess are here and Harry just sent a text. Tash just pulled up and Neil and Melissa are here on their way to Inverell. The list is getting bigger . . . we’ve got Elissa – her cup’s here remember – and a Lucinda and a Tian as well as our cousins: Hamish, Rob! Now we need a Dan V and one for Jodie and a Cliff B as well as a Mick and an Andy; Larry’s here and so are Keith and Amber and Parkesy and Vanessa will be here soon. Dan S is on his way and cap-four Troy wants four delivered . . . Now we’ve got one for taxi-driver Paul and a Ray, a Jenny, a Cricket and Crystal, and one for Will; Robyn T and Paul, and Roz and Rusty as well as Sandy and Judy and a HC for Jodie. Richard is next then we need a parole board Rachel and a Kylie G. Thea called and said she’s 10 minutes away so we’ve got time to get a couple for Warwick and Karen, and one for Toy and Tony B wants a couple delivered to the office. Also the two Melissas: Beauty Matters Melissa and bus driver Melissa. Helen will be here in 10 minutes, Megan a bit later, and Jason F and Bill A have pulled up. Sandy wants four and we need two for Will and Margie – and one for Margie’s mum. We also need one for Paul, only one for Darren and another one for Wayne and a couple for Greg. Suzie just called, so did Henry M and we need one for Rodney and another one for Tex and one for Al as well as a Michelle and a small choc milkshake for lil Al. Milly wants a couple delivered and Mellita wants hers as well as a couple of little milkshakes – and one for Peter! Belinda J just parked and the whole tribe’s with her so keep those milkshakes coming! Amara is 10 minutes away and Leigh and Norman have just pulled up as well. Wayne and Greg wants theirs right on 10.20 – typical bus-drivers running right on schedule – and Schouppy is on his way. David M just called; water man Greg wants his two small and pump man Andrew wants his large.

And finally, I’ll have a small mocha and I suppose we better get a long-black for the half-baked Greek . . .”