Decision to review “ridiculously light” sentencing in Glen Innes cop-bashing welcomed by Marshall

Media Release

MEMBER for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall today welcomed the agreement from the NSW Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) to review the sentence handed down yesterday to four Glen Innes residents, who escaped jail time after violently attacking two police officers in March last year.

Mr Marshall said that, like many in the community, he was outraged to learn that the four Glen Innes residents had avoided a custodial sentence for their violent attack on two senior police officers.

“The two police officers were attending an incident in Taylor Street late at night when they were set upon by this group,” Mr Marshall said.

“One of the female officers was punched several times and suffered from blurred vision for three weeks while her male colleague was also injured in the violent struggle.

“Court records state that one of the offenders tried to take the officer’s weapon and threatened to shoot him.

“I understand that after being attacked the officers withdrew to the station and called for assistance.”


Armidale Courthouse, where brother and sister Samuel Tobias Boney and Judith Dawn Boney and de facto couple Kasandra Daley and Brian Joseph Boney were given “ridiculously light sentences” by Judge Jennifer English.

Mr Marshall said he was disturbed and disgusted by the leniency of the judgement.

“Despite being convicted the gang walked free even though the judge deemed the attack to be ‘truly appalling’.

“I am at a loss as to the reasoning behind this decision – what sort of message does it send to the public and to our local police?

“Letting these offenders off with a slap on the wrist and a ‘don’t do it again lecture’ is simply not acceptable and doesn’t meet with the community’s expectations.

“I’m pleased the DPP will be reviewing Judge English’s ridiculously light sentences and I hope her decision is not only appealed, but ultimately overturned and tougher penalties imposed, which fit this disgraceful crime.”