Additional rural crime police for Moree

MOREE will be a lynchpin in the NSW Government’s mission to stop rural crime, with Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall on Wednesday announcing new senior police presence to boost the local response.

Mr Marshall said an additional Detective Sergeant and two Constables would be soon based in Moree, one of four new senior roles formed yesterday to crack down on stock theft, illegal hunting and trespass across country NSW.

“Rural Crime Prevention Teams will soon battle crime across regional areas, working under local supervision and under the new State Rural Crime Co-ordinator,” Mr Marshall said.

“These new teams, including two extra constables, will work under oversight from Moree’s Detective Sergeant to put into practice recently enacted legislation, ensuring rural criminals can be caught, charged and punished.”

Mr Marshall said rural crime had significant impacts across the Northern Tablelands, as opportunistic criminals relied on the isolation of remote properties.

“Hardworking farmers have to contend with these cowards trespassing, poaching, stealing livestock and equipment, causing biosecurity hazards and reducing landowners’ sense of safety and wellbeing,” he said.

“The Bradshaw Review has strengthened the legislative and operational frameworks for handling these crimes and today’s announcement will ensure they’re enforced with a statewide reach and local focus.RuralCrime001

“A Detective Sergeant and two Constables will be based in Moree, working as a point of contact for the community and liaising with a network of Rural Crime Investigators locally and across the state.

“This investigation and information sharing will ensure farmers have confidence in reporting rural crimes, and that criminals can’t travel around the regions in hopes of avoiding detection.

“We now also have a new local Police Commander in Scott Tanner – someone who has spent his whole career in the bush and understand what community policing is all about.

“With restructuring to continue statewide in 2018, I will work to ensure Moree receives the local police presence it needs to thwart criminals in town and on properties.”

Meanwhile, the  Moree-based Barwon Local Area Command will welcome another two new probationary constables to the Moree Police Station following last Friday’s attestation parade of Class of 332, Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall announced today.

The latest allocation of recruits brings to 13 the total number of probationary constables allocated from the Police Academy to Moree Police Station in the past 12 months – a substantial boost to the blue line and boots on the ground in the community.

The last two probationary constables were allocated in August this year.

Mr Marshall congratulated the new recruits on graduating from the Goulburn Police Academy and thanked them for their commitment to preventing and disrupting crime.

“I would like to welcome our newest officers to the region and extend our gratitude to them for devoting their careers to such an honourable cause,” Mr Marshall said

“I know the qualifications our officers have completed at the Police Academy, together with the on-the-job training they will undertake at the Moree Police Station will ensure they are more than adequately prepared to step into this important role.

“Policing can be an extremely challenging profession and our officers encounter the best and the worst of humanity in the line of duty, so I’m very pleased that our community will benefit from the enthusiasm of these officers starting their career on the beat.”

Mr Marshall said the NSW Government had undertaken to boost frontline police numbers across the State through the re-engineering process.

“The men and women who attested last Friday will bring the number of individuals who have become sworn NSW Police officers since 2011 to 4,362,” Mr Marshall said.

Class 332 includes 199 recruits who have attested as Probationary Constables. These new recruits will commence on-the-job training today and will continue distance education before graduating with an Associate Diploma in Policing Practice.

The NSW Government is committed to boosting the authorised strength of the NSW Police Force to 16,795 over this term of government.

Media Release: December 13, 2017

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