The Governor’s new Gavel

Media Release

Meet Gavel!

This gorgeous 10-week-old German Shepherd puppy is one of forty budding police dogs currently in foster care around Queensland. Gavel comes from a long line of pedigree, related to working police dogs Bravo, Bolt, Beau, Chief and Cammo. And if the family bloodline is anything to go by, in 16 months Gavel will be tracking and catching criminals as a proud member of the Queensland Dog Squad!

The next few months will be the all important socialisation and obedience period, and whilst it will not be a ball in the park, Sergeant Dean Hansen of Brisbane Dog Squad said Gavel showed great promise.Gavel

“He is confident, with no nervous tendencies, and shows a willingness to retrieve, a prey drive, ball drive and can be motivated by food for a reward,” Sergeant Hansen said.

“Police dogs can be taught many skills but they need to have these basic traits already in their personality.”

And these personality traits will definitely come in handy, with Gavel’s new home for the next 12 months nothing to be barked at. He was formally presented to His Excellency the Governor of Queensland, the Honourable Paul de Jersey, and Mrs Kaye de Jersey at Government House, Paddington, on April 13. This marks the first time a recruit dog has not been fostered into the care of the home of a QPS member, but at one of Brisbane’s most prestigious addresses, it is unlikely Gavel will not be complaining any time soon.Gavel002

With plenty of exercise to be had on the 40-acre property over the next 12 months, he will attend receptions and meetings with the Honourable Paul de Jersey and meet thousands of callers to Government House over the next year. And from everyone at the Queensland Police Service, we’re sure he’ll have a pawsome time.