When the bubble bursts . . . in a good way

NORTHERN Tablelands MP Adam Marshall on Friday confirmed the Inverell and Gwydir Shires will be included, in their entirety, within the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 border bubble, from 1am, Thursday, 1 October.

Mr Marshall said it’s the breakthrough NSW border communities had been calling for since the ridiculous, postcode based, border zone was implemented in early August.

“After six weeks of pain, frustration and heartache finally the Queensland Government has made a rational decision and created a travel zone based on local government areas, instead of postcode, which is what we’ve been wanting since the start” Mr Marshall said.  

“My office has had it confirmed by the Queensland Government that from next Thursday, the entire Moree Plains, Gwydir, Inverell, Glen Innes and Tenterfield Shires will be included in the travel zone.

“This change is coming into effect under Queensland Health’s Border Restrictions Declaration (15), and will require every person entering from NSW to provide a valid Queensland Border Declaration Pass,” Mr Marshall said.

Mr Marshall added any NSW resident inside the border zone would be able to travel anywhere in Queensland, for any purpose.

“Whether it’s just going to the shops or visiting family, if you live in that designated border area you will able to enter Queensland for any reason,” he said.

“The Queensland border zone will no longer exist from the start of October, meaning there is no restriction on how far north people can travel.

“For a region like ours which hasn’t had a single case of COVID-19 for near on five months, the border zone, as it will stand from next week, is exactly what should have been implemented all along.

“While we’ve finally got some modicum of common sense out of the government in Queensland, I’ll keep pushing until every community in our region has the same level of access.”

Queensland Health’s Border Restrictions Declaration (15):

Queensland Border Declaration Pass:

To find out if your postcode will be included in the changes from October 1:

Media Release: Friday, September 25, 2020