Waste education program delivered to Moree pre-schoolers

THE kNOw Waste education program, an initiative of waste management company Cleanaway, was this week delivered to local children in partnership with Moree Plains Shire Council.

Students from Gwydir Day Care and Pre-School, Moree Pre-School, Goodstart Early Learning Centre and Boomi Public School participated in the education program and were introduced to the concepts of recycling and sustainability.

They were also taught the environmental impact of littering, with the program delivered in age-appropriate modules.

Council’s waste manager Tahra Sayers said the education program is aimed at teaching children about sustainable waste management practices and encouraging them to share this knowledge at home.

“Teaching children to be mindful of the waste they create is one of the first steps in developing environmental values and behaviours for future sustainability,” Mrs Sayers said.

“Great recyclers start young. School is a fantastic place to learn good habits with waste and recycling, that kids can take home and teach the whole family.

“During the BinWise lesson, children learnt about Council’s waste service and how they themselves are able to contribute to waste reduction by talking about the different materials that can be recycled in the yellow-lid and green-lid wheelie bin,” she said.

Children at Gwydir Day Care learn about littering and recycling

“Children learnt about littering and how it can harm our environment during the Litter, Litter everywhere sessions.”

Further kNOw Waste sessions are being scheduled for later in the year.

Delivering school based educational programs demonstrates Council’s commitment to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills by helping the community to recycle papers, plastics and metals, problem wastes, and in general, help individuals lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Cleanaway said the waste education program in NSW teaches children the importance of sustainability, and recycling.

The modules are designed to improve children’s knowledge about waste issues, environmental impact and positive environmental behaviours.

“Our pre-school module supports councils’ education goals by delivering on Outcome 2 of the Early Years Learning Framework encouraging children to contribute to the world by being socially responsible citizens, and showing respect for the environment. The primary and secondary school modules support both cross-curriculum priorities and stage-specific outcomes.”

Media Release: March 20, 2019

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