Thumbs Up! To Deluxe Café Moree

DELUXE Café Moree is the winner of the Moree Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Customer Service Appreciation Award for February, 2019 – the second time the local business has been gonged for the award.

Moree resident Darryl Brady nominated Deluxe Café Moree.

He said on the Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Facebook page the business was nominated for its “excellent customer service and fund-raising for Moree District Hospital and other worthy associations within the town”.

Deluxe Café Moree owner Cindy Poulos thanked everyone for voting.

“Many, many thanks everyone! It’s a great honour to be recognised in this way,” Cindy said.

“The people that should also be praised are our customers who continually support our little coffee trailer.

“Congratulations also to all businesses, individuals and community groups that have been nominated for this award, not just this month but since the monthly Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! award for recognition began.

“And a big thank-you goes to Darryl Brady for nominating us. Darryl is a regular customer who always makes people smile when he drops in for his coffee – he’s a very caring and giving person and is involved in a lot of community groups and events.

“His charity work in Moree goes unnoticed, so don’t be surprised to see him nominated for this award in the coming months,” Cindy smiled.

Up to November, 2018, the Deluxe Café Moree counter-top tip-jar has raised $22,135 for Moree Hospital.

“Thumbs-up as well to Tanya Fitch for coming up with such an inspiring concept.”

The Deluxe Cafe Moree will be 11 years old on April 25.

“That was our first day of trade at the Moree Show on Anzac Day in 2008,” said Cindy’s husband, Bill.

“Back then we only worked weekends up until the week after the October long weekend the same year, when we set up Monday to Friday in our current position.”

In 2011 Deluxe Café Moree started a tip-jar with all money raised donated to Moree Hospital.

Up to November, 2018 a staggering $22,135 has been raised.

“This is all thanks to our very generous customers who regularly drop their loose change into our tip jar,” Bill said.

“Because of their continual support we have been able to raise this money despite these drought-ridden times that are affecting farms and businesses right across the north and north-west.

“In recent years the money has helped purchase equipment at Moree Hospital and has supplied special hospital ward chairs and Connex spot monitors just to name a few items – and it’s all because of our very, very generous customers.”

The original Deluxe Café was owned and operated by Bill’s parents, Manuel and Gipsey Poulos.

It was situated where the ladies wear section of Assef’s now is and closed in 1970.

Darryl Brady said Deluxe Café Moree’s win was “well-deserved”.

“Congratulations also must go to the runners-up for their nominations and their many supporters who voted for them.

“Well done to you all and thanks to Moree Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! for giving local businesses and their hard-working staff the recognition that they truly deserve,” he said.

Some of the comments posted on the MTUTD group from members about Deluxe Café Moree’s win include:

Margaret Catterall: “Congrats Billy and Cindy!”

Marguerite Kate McCormick: “Congratulations Bill and Cindy Poulos!”

Vickie Munro: “Congratulations Billy and Cindy. Well done. See you at the reunion weekend.”

Mark Gammon: Congratulations Billy and Cindy!”

Gig Moses: “Well deserved. Congratulations Billy and Cindy!”

Frank Crump: “Great going Bill and Cindy!”

Sue Bodell-Ford: “Great job Bill and Cindy!”

Nominations for March, 2019 are now open and will close Sunday, February 10, 2019.

If you are not a member of the local group and want to join or find out more information, log-in to Facebook and go to

Media Release: March 5, 2019