The Moree Gallery’s final exhibit for 2018: Lucinda Newton’s LUONE jewellery and Jenie Fawckner’s Perceptions

HAVING amassed cult followings across the region thanks to their highly-coveted talents, it is with great anticipation that LUONE jewellery designer Lucinda Newton and Queensland artist Jenie Fawckner present their latest work at The Moree Gallery’s final exhibition for 2018.

In an exciting coup for the north-west, the exhibition – opening on November 2 at 10am – marks a culmination of sensory delights from two of Australian’s most acclaimed artists.

Perceptions will be Jenie’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. However, the talented landscape artist is no stranger to the district.

Acclaimed artist Jenie Fawckner will exhibit her latest works at The Moree Gallery next month.

“I have been selling art through the gallery for a number of years now, and am very much looking forward to returning to the region, particularly since I hear there may even be a tinge of green around after some much needed rainfall,” Jenie said.

Growing up on a grazing station south of Blackall and having spent 20 years on a property in the Roma district, the rural landscape is etched in Jenie’s personality and reflected through her highly-coveted artwork.

Some of LUONE’s exquisite bespoke jewellery.

“I receive so many compliments on the vibrancy of colours and the compositions of my work, which led me to explore how and why I see landscapes the way I do, and the notion of perceptions – hence the name of the exhibition,” Jenie said.

“My work is inspired by the environment around me and I think my tendency to really stop and look deeply into everyday scenes, to look beyond the aesthetic, has allowed my style to evolve.

“Compositions and perspectives often catch my eye but the colour and balance translated onto canvas comes from my own personal perceptions and personality.

“The colours that make up a landscape are so lovely – even the most ordinary of scenes can be filled with beauty if everyone took the time to really stop and look.

Perceptions comprises primarily of large-scale landscape oil paintings, with a few smaller frames, botanicals and original oil painting screen prints,” she said.

“My work is quite textural and sculptural as I use an impasto technique and thickening gel, giving pieces an almost three-dimensional feel.”

Based in the picturesque township of Port Fairy, Victoria, this will be Lucinda’s sixth exhibition at The Moree Gallery – her exquisite artisanal jewellery collection is a firm favourite with design-savvy locals.

And having spent her early years on her parents Doug and Mandy O’Neil’s Bellata property, this exhibition is also one of Lucinda’s favourites.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the region, old friends and new, and my pieces have always been really well received within the north-west,” Lucinda said.

Former local Lucinda Newton in her Port Fairy shopfront.

“Moree women are renowned for their style and sophistication so I’m always intrigued as to how they respond to my collections and new designs.”

Her latest offering comprises of high quality, semi-precious timeless pieces in the distinctive contemporary LUONE style, however yellow and rose gold is a major feature.

“Gold is very popular at the moment, and while my pieces are not trend-based, I’m loving working more with this medium,” she said.

The exhibition will be held at The Moree Gallery, Heber Street, Moree opening Friday, November 2 at 10am.

LUONE will exhibit Friday and Saturday November 2 and 3 only, with Jenie’s exhibition concluding Friday, November 30.

Drinks with the artists at the gallery will be held on Friday, November 2 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

For further details and to see Jenie’s works online, visit

Words: Georgina Poole