Sting taken out of Mosquito Creek Road at Pallamallawa

A DANGEROUS bend in the Mosquito Creek Road at the entrance to Pallamallawa is now much safer after the completion of a $152,304 upgrade and road widening project, funded by the NSW Government.

Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall inspected the completed work recently at Pallamallawa, along with Moree Plains Shire Council’s Road Safety Officer Renee McMillan and Johnstone Concrete & Quarries’ Mitch Johnstone, which donated 510 tonnes of gravel for the project.

“Mosquito Creek Road is an important road for the residents of Pallamallawa and one that is set to become busier with new subdivisions and activity at the quarry stepping up,” Mr Marshall said.

(L-R) Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall Johnstone Concrete & Quarries’ Mitch Johnstone, and Moree Plains Shire Council’s Road Safety Officer Renee McMillan inspecting the completed upgrades on Mosquito Creek Road and Pallamallawa.

“It is also a major link to the Gwydir and Newell Highways for heavy vehicles and improving this intersection means that farmers and transport companies will have improved integration with the freight network.”

Mr Marshall said the works were jointly funded, with Moree Plains Shire Council contributing $15,000 and local industry $5,000, showing just how important the road is to the area.

“Works here included a widening of the two intersections on Mosquito Creek Road, making use easier for all road users, particularly when AB-triple axle heavy vehicles are using the intersections,” Mr Marshall said.

“Widening the intersection means that these vehicles can safely use the road as they have a far wider sweep than was previously accounted for when the intersection was first laid down.

“The 90 degree bend on the north-eastern entrance into Pallamallawa has been sealed, power poles were shifted to accommodate road widening and two culverts were replaced with new, wider versions on Parramellowa Street.”

“This is one of those no-brainer projects – a pokey intersection with an unsealed, 90 degree turn prevents the road being used by semi-trailers and presented a constant safety issue. It wasn’t appropriate for the area. I’m pleased that this intersection was identified as in desperate need of an upgrade and that funds were secured to fix it.”

Media Release: May 2, 2018