Roy’s garlic products just get stronger and stronger at Moree on a Plate

AS most of the region anxiously anticipates some respite from a long, hot summer and an unseasonably warm autumn, Roy Cody is quite the opposite.

These sunny conditions are the perfect tonic for his current purple garlic harvest, ensuring no sprouting and a beautiful full flavour.

And visitors to this year’s Moree on a Plate Food and Wine Festival on Saturday, May 12 – Mothers’ Day weekend – have the chance to experience this burst of freshness themselves, with Roy excited to be exhibiting once again at the regional festival.

“This is my third year exhibiting and it’s by far and consistently the best sales I have,” Mr Cody said. “It’s a beautifully run event with so much going on. I’m looking forward to seeing many of my return, and new, customers on May 12.”

Roy Cody in one of his luscious locally grown garlic crops.

With a huge following, locally and Australia wide, Roy recently caught the attention of Channel Ten’s The Living Room, with celebrity chef Miguel Maestre filming a segment directly from Roy’s farm.

“Miguel arrived dressed as Dracula for a special Halloween episode. It was all in good fun and we were honoured to have been included in the national programme,” Mr Cody said.

Having been gifted his original bulb in 1970, Roy has developed a hobby into a profession.

And, after taking home a Bronze in 2015 and Silver in 2016 at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, Roy’s Organic Garlic is undoubtedly regarded as some of the best in Australia.

“From that original bulb a huge quantity of seed has been distributed over the years, so much in fact that it is now officially named ‘Roy’s Purple Garlic’,” Mr Cody smiled.

And while Mr Cody jokes that the name ‘Roy’s Purple Garlic’ is going to be around long after Roy is ‘pushing up garlic’, this year marks his last official crop.

“Due to health reasons I’m moving into town, but I have trained up a new grower with the same technique and seed so our Tamworth production will thankfully continue,” Mr Cody said.

Garlic is touted as one of the world’s superfoods thanks to its high immune boosting functions, high antioxidant content and high nutrient value, and Roy will be selling a smorgasbord of garlic-based products including fresh bulbs, dehydrated and pickled garlic at Moree on a Plate.

Moree on a Plate will feature over 50 regional producers, and includes celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue conducting live cooking demonstrations with local produce.

Children’s entertainer George the Farmer will also feature in the Landcare Kids’ Korner, and with a gold coin entry fee, Moree on a Plate is a day the whole family can enjoy.

For more information on Moree on a Plate see or facebook/moreeonaplate.

Words: Georgina Poole