Random bin inspections planned for Moree to enforce Wheelie Bin Contamination Policy

IN an effort to make household recycling more effective and to increase residents’ attention on what they are putting into the recycling and organics’ kerbside wheelie bins, Moree Plains Shire Council is taking a proactive approach with households who are not disposing of waste correctly by introducing a Wheelie Bin Contamination Policy.

Acting waste manager Tahra Sayers says that as a community, Moree residents are striving to minimise waste going to landfill and to become more environmentally and financially sustainable through efficient waste and recycling practices.

Image: Common Ground Australia.

“Sadly, some households do not dispose of their waste correctly and place inappropriate items, like plastic bags, into their recycling bins causing contamination,” Ms Sayers said.

“Contamination in recycling can be reduced if we conscientiously make an effort to put the correct items into the waste, mixed recycling or organic’s bins.”

She says disposing of plastic bags, garbage bags, general rubbish and clothing in the yellow-lid and green-lid recycling bins affects council’s ability to process recyclables in to new products.

In some cases, just a few contaminated wheelie bins can ruin an entire truckload of recyclables, which results in the material having to be landfilled.

This is why council will be enforcing its Wheelie Bin Contamination Policy to deal with this issue.

Council or its waste contractor will conduct random bin inspections, along with kerbside monitoring and in-hopper video surveillance which allows drivers to observe the contents of a bin as it is emptied and identify the specific contamination.

Bins that are found to have contamination will be identified, and the household will receive educational material to assist with deciding what goes in to bins, along with a written warning. Residents with repeated recycling offences will receive three warning letters and finally their respective (recycling and/or organic) kerbside collection service will cease for a period of time.

Media Release: June 25, 2018