Queensland Chief Health Officer confirms interstate school exemptions

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young on Wednesday announced new exemptions for border zone school students.

For New South Wales families from within the border zone bubble, with a student attending any Queensland school (Prep to Year 12), the student and a parent or guardian are entitled to an exemption and can access a Queensland school outside the zone without quarantining. 

For any Queenslander, enrolled at a New South Wales school within the border zone [bubble], the student and a parent or guardian are exempt from the current quarantine requirements and they can re-enter Queensland after participating in school activities. 

Goondiwindi Regional Council Mayor Lawrence Springborg said Queensland and New South Wales residents within the Queensland Government border zone are able to continue to easily travel with their border resident pass for any purpose.

“These new exemptions allow New South Wales border zone residents access to their Queensland school even if it is outside of the border zone,” Cr Springborg said. 

“It also allows Queensland students from outside of the Queensland border zone to attend school in northern New South Wales, provided they stay within the border zone.

“It is essential that families don’t take advantage of this exemption and follow the rules by only travelling directly to and from the school activity,” he said.

All persons crossing into Queensland under the above exemptions are only permitted to travel directly to and from the school activity, and will require the following at border checkpoints:

  • A letter from the school confirming their enrolment for the purpose of this exemption; and
  • Student ID; and
  • Confirmation that the student is entering Queensland to go directly to school; and
  • Evidence of the parent or guardian’s identity confirming their place of residence, e.g a drivers licence; and
  • Parent or guardian contact details.

“Whilst I understand that a border pass may not be compulsory for this exemption class, it would speed up crossing times significantly if all residents could take the time to complete the border pass declaration prior to reaching the border checkpoints,” Cr Springborg said.

All persons crossing into Queensland will be required to confirm that they have not been overseas, do not have or have not had COVID-19, or been in close contact with a confirmed case. 

For northern New South Wales families that are not in the border zone [bubble], the exemptions do not apply and they will be required to follow Queensland quarantine requirements.

“We are sympathetic to those northern New South Wales parents and students that are not currently within the designated border zone and will have to quarantine,” Cr Springborg said.

Following Council’s advocacy to the Queensland Government, we are also expecting positive news on other border exemptions such as medical and specialist agriculture exemptions to make it easier and seamless for people.

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Media Release: Thursday, August 20, 2020