Put safety first on the water this Australia Day

Media Release

WHEN heading out on to the water this Australia Day, recreational boaters and fishers are reminded to check the weather before they go.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s National Manager of Marine Weather Services, Neal Moodie, said that boaters should make the five vital weather safety checks for:

  1. Warnings for their boating area;
  2. Weather conditions affecting safe navigation and comfort;
  3. Wind conditions;
  4. Wave conditions; and
  5. Tide predictions

“As well as carrying out the five weather safety checks, people should ensure that the Bureau’s website is their first port of call as we provide information tailored specifically for marine users,” Mr Moodie said.

“Anyone planning activities on the water on Tuesday 26 January should check the Bureau’s Marine forecasts, which include wind, weather, sea and swell information, and describe how these conditions are likely to change during the day.


BOM urges everyone to check conditions before venturing out on to the water tomorrow, Australia Day

“Fishers and boaters should also take note of Marine warnings. These warnings provide advice on approaching dangerous conditions at sea, and this intelligence will allow them to make the necessary decisions to avoid these conditions and stay safe,” he said.

The Bureau’s weather forecasting services are monitored 24/7 by forecasting staff, and represent the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available.

The organisation also recently completed a major upgrade of its forecasting services, which includes graphical forecasts through its online weather forecasting and warning tool, MetEye.

“MetEye provides a wind forecast which gives wind direction and speed. It also provides wave forecasts, including the wind wave height, as well as swell height and direction.

“The tool also allows boaters and fishers to see animated wave and wind forecasts for any location in Australia, including its surrounding coastal waters.

“In the event of a life threatening incident at sea, our marine forecasts, tide predictions and warnings play a vital role in supporting search and rescue operations,” Mr Moodie said.

The Bureau recently launched two new videos to raise awareness of these marine weather safety tools. To view the videos and learn more about marine weather safety, visit