Parking to be policed in Moree

Media Release

Moree’s central business district has timed parking, loading zones and disabled parking and Moree Plains Shire Council inspectors will be patrolling the area and enforcing parking restrictions.

Council’s Director of Planning and Community Development Mr Angus Witherby explained that there were a number of reasons why parking needs to comply with the signs.   “By complying with time limits it helps our local businesses, by ensuring that long-stay parking is not occurring outside shops.  This makes it easier for customers”.


Moree Plains Shire Council inspectors will be patrolling the local CBD and enforcing parking restrictions. (Image:

Keeping loading zones free also helps businesses, so they can unload goods in a legal and safe manner.   Mr Witherby reinforced the need for vehicles in loading zones to comply with the regulations.  “Loading zones are for trucks, and vehicles constructed for carrying goods” he said.

He went on to explain that while this includes conventional station wagons, most 4 wheel drives and SUVs were not considered as station wagons under the legislation.  “Basically you need a good rear loading area, fold down rear seats and the vehicle to have a sedan version for it to comply” he stated.

Disabled parking also needs to be managed so that it is available for less mobile people.  “This is not only a legal requirement but a courtesy” Mr Witherby said.    “With an increasing number of older people in our community there is an increased need for these spaces and Council will be continuing to monitor usage to make sure there are enough spaces for people with disabilities in the town”.

Council’s Inspectors will also continue to heavily monitor school zones and infringements issued where breaches are detects. Mr Witherby explained that there will be no lenience shown to persons not obeying the parking rules within the school zones as children’s safety is of the utmost importance.

Council inspectors will issue fines when cars have exceeded maximum parking times, are incorrectly parked or are parked illegally.  “Our Inspectors encounter people parking their vehicles across the white guide lines, parking parallel in 45 and 60 degree angle parking, stopping in bus zones and disobeying ‘No Parking’ and ‘No Stopping’ signage,” said Mr Witherby. “We are also finding that people are abusing the Disabled Parking in the main street and the Loading Zone on Heber Street, so we will be monitoring and issuing infringements to drivers parking illegally in these areas”.

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