Moree Showground’s fitness for the future to be assessed via $29K grant

THE historic buildings on Moree showground will be assessed for structural soundness and future maintenance requirements, thanks to $29,640 in funding from the State Government, Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall announced today.

“This Public Reserves Management Fund (PRMF) grant will ensure that maintenance of these historic structures can be planned well in advance, rather than reactively when problems appear,” said Mr Marshall, who visited the showgrounds last week.

“So often, the value of our community infrastructure is only recognised when it has reached such a state of disrepair that the only option is restoration.

Moree Showground PRMF grant

Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall looks over the magnificent Moree showground grandstand with Sandra Abrahamson, left, and Vicki Lyon of the Crown Lands NSW.

“In this case, the Lands Administration Ministerial Corporation, which looks after the Moree Showground, is proactively assessing what needs to be done to ensure that this community asset is maintained in its current excellent condition.”

Mr Marshall met with the Corporation’s Sandra Abrahamson and Vicki Lyon to discuss the showground infrastructure assessment, which will produce recommendations for maintenance or demolition.

Ms Abrahamson said the Corporation has undertaken a range of improvements to support the site, including development of a caravan park to provide an additional revenue stream.

The 2016/17 funding allocation from the Public Reserves Management Fund Program is part of an $18 million annual program of grants and loans from the NSW Government to support the development, maintenance and protection of the public reserves.

“Public reserves in our region such as sportsgrounds, showgrounds, community halls, walking tracks and local parks are valued places which are used by our local community every day,” Mr Marshall said.

“This funding is not only vital to the success of our regional communities, but also supports the role our professional and volunteer managers play in the ongoing management of the reserves.

“This funding will allow our local managers to now implement the improvements required to ensure these important places can continue to be enjoyed by our local community now and into the future.”

This year, more than $550,000 was secured from the PRMF for projects across the Northern Tablelands.