Moree Police urge locals to party responsibly over the festive season

BARWON Local Area Command encourages Christmas cheer over the yuletide season – but stresses that residents must party safely.

Area commander Paul McDonald says that parties should be a fun way for people to socialise and enjoy themselves.

“But there is an increasing need for parties to be safe,” Mr McDonald said.

“Police are encouraging people to maintain a safe party environment and be mindful of how their behaviour impacts on neighbours and people around them.

“This is not just advice for those intending to have Christmas and New Year eve parties – during the summer months many people have parties, barbeques and picnics, and socialise in general so this applies to them as well,” he said.

“Each year at this time local Police are called to parties that have gotten out of control. Often this is down to lack of planning or supervision.”partytime1

Mr McDonald says it is not the police’s responsibility to provide security at private parties.

“It is the host’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their guests, which also extends beyond their residence,” he said.

Although most celebrations go off without a hitch, sometime things go wrong.

The consequences can at times be traumatic, from issues such as home damage or financial loss to legal implications and psychological trauma.

Good planning can reduce the risk of potential problems before the party begins, saving difficulties down the track.

“If revellers plan their night and take simple precautions, then a good time should be had by all,” Mr McDonald said.

By notifying local Police of your party you will ensure that if things go wrong, police have the information needed to help.

Media Release December 3, 2016