Moree Plains Shire Council COVID-19 Update, March 30, 2020

Moree Plains Shire Council would like to reassure community members it is working hard to ensure essential services are delivered.

General Manager Lester Rodgers is in close contact with counterparts across the State, and says Council’s approach is in step with the NSW local government sector generally.

Moree Plains Shire Council still open and accessible by:

Due to the nature of operations, Council has had a Business Continuity Plan in place for several years.

This plan was activated several weeks ago and Council’s Crisis Management Team has been liaising regularly.

Behind the scenes, Council has taken steps to ensure employees are in the best position to continue delivering essential services to the community while managing their own health, safety and wellbeing.

This includes

Ensuring arrangements with employees are in place so essential services can continue to be delivered throughout this challenging period;

Trialling working from arrangements for delivery of essential services;

Delivering our customer service differently through phone and email contact rather than face-to-face meetings;

Ensuring work in the field (for example, road maintenance works) is delivered in a way to observe the current social distancing requirements of other levels of governments, including splitting staff travelling to worksites;

Equipping teams in the field with additional PPE to ensure staff can adopt an adequate and regular hand sanitising practise; and

Not allowing employees to work with any illness and implementing strict screening requirements prior to returning to work.

Open Council Facilities and Services

Waste Collection

The waste collection service is currently operating as usual with general waste (red bin) collected weekly and recycling (yellow bin) and organic (green bin) waste collected on a fortnightly alternative basis.

Waste Facilities

All waste facilities, including the Moree Waste Management Facility and our village landfills, are currently open in accordance with their usual operating hours.

These facilities are currently operating under social distancing requirements.

Please be mindful that Council is focused on maintenance of essential services.

Council kindly request that community members do not present to waste facilities with large quantities of domestic general, recycling and organic waste as this may affect the ability to deliver core waste services.

Water and Sewer Operations

The provision of treated, potable water and sewer operations across the Shire is of highest priority. There are no changes to this service at this time.

Public Toilet

The public toilets located on Balo Street remain open; all other public toilets are closed, until further notice. Cleaning of the Balo St public toilets will be undertaken more frequently.

Gwydir Daycare and Preschool

This facility remains open and specific advice has been provided to families which use this service.

Moree Pound

The Moree Pound is currently open and operating under its usual hours, although operating practises are changing to reduce face-to-face interactions.

Payments will need to be made over the phone or electronically.

Moree Customer Service Centre

All Customer Service enquiries and payments will be addressed over the phone or by email.

Please call (02) 6757 3222 to speak with a customer service staff member or email [email protected].

Unless otherwise noted, all other Council facilities are closed to the general public until further notice.

Council thanks each and every community member for understanding and cooperation in these new and challenging times and ask everyone to exercise diligence in complying with the advice of Federal and State Governments.

Council will continue to issue regular advice to the community about service availability.

Updates will be provided on Council’s website and Facebook page.

Media Release: March 30, 2020