Molly’s famous pink elephant a ‘main event’ at Fathers’ Day Moree Markets on Sunday

VISITORS to Jellicoe Park on Sunday morning are pre-warned not to be too alarmed at the sight of a massive pink elephant as they make their way through what is expected to be a record crowd at the Fathers’ Day Moree Markets.

Molly Heffernan’s famous motorised pink elephant children’s ride – yes, the one that used to stand guard at the front door of her now-closed haberdashery and clothing store on Gosport Street – will take pride of place at Jellicoe Park on Sunday as part of a fund-raising drive to help establish an history museum in Moree.

Molly’s famous pink elephant has found a good home since retiring from guard duty at her old Gosport Street premises.


Moree and District Historical Society president Stephen Ritchie, with Molly Heffernan’s famous pink elephant.

The iconic kids’ ride – that 10-cent investment seemed to go on forever – was gifted to the Moree and District Historical Society, and will be a major exhibit when a museum on all things local is created.

There wouldn’t be too many adults in Moree that haven’t been on the back of the famous East Moree icon, and now they have the chance to relive their childhood memories – and, at the same time help raise money for a good cause.

Society president Stephen Ritchie said the children’s ride was an important piece of Moree’s history.

“We are very pleased that Molly has donated such an iconic piece of local history to our organisation,” Mr Ritchie said.

“I’m guessing that it’s been at Molly’s shop since the early 1970s and it will be one of our main exhibits when we eventually get a history museum up and running in Moree,” he said.

The one-day only ‘ride-of-a-lifetime’ offer will be open for business at the Fathers’ Day Markets on Sunday, adjacent to Deluxe Café Moree’s Cold Comforts ice-cream van.

“We’ll be right in the middle of the main walkway, just near the old fountain ‘roundabout’,” Mr Ritchie said.

Words and image Copyright Bill Poulos, 2016