Meet Rhonda Lang, a stand-alone candidate in the upcoming MPSC local election


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Rhonda Lang is 65 years of age and lives with her partner Jim at Pallamallawa. They both have grown up children with families who live elsewhere, with one daughter who lives with her husband and son at Pallamallawa. Rhonda retired as a medical centre practice manager in December, 2015. Her previous employment includes Moree Plains Shire Council community development officer as well as 25 years’ experience in the juvenile justice system in the ACT. Rhonda has been a Moree Plains resident for 15 years after travelling through north-west NSW while on long service leave. Once returning to Canberra, she sought ‘a sea-change’ and found employment in Moree. She has lived in Pallamallawa ever since.

Have you had any previous roles, either as an employee or volunteer in local, state or federal government?

I have worked in all three levels of government, local in NSW, the ACT and commonwealth governments prior to the ACT obtaining self-government.

What are the main reasons that made you want to stand for council?

I have always had an interest in council and when approached by a couple of people to stand I decided to nominate.

Is this the first time you have stood for council?


Are you standing alone or with a running mate(s)?

I am standing alone.

What do you love most about Moree Plains Shire?

I love the weather and the people, especially the way everyone pulls together during times of adversity as they do during floods, drought and hard times. I also love the way we embrace multiculturalism.

What do you think the main issues are in Moree that need addressing?

There are always going to be issues that need addressing across this vast shire. The tyranny of distance between Mungindi, Boggabilla, Moree and Pallamallawa make main roads’ as well as access roads’ maintenance an everlasting issue.  A few (issues) that come to mind are ensuring that the necessary services are funded and provided across the shire before undertaking ambitious projects, improve drainage in the villages, address the number of closed shops in the main street and the inability to attract larger retail stores to establish outlets in Moree.

Do you think the current council is aiming in the right direction on various projects and/or issues?

Like all citizens I query some decisions made by council but am not aware of all the information before Council when decisions was made. If elected as a councillor I would be in a better position to discuss with and inform the community of the reasons why particular decisions were made.

How can the current council improve on what it is doing at the moment? Is money being spent on the right projects?

There is always room for improvement in any council. In that regard it is always useful to have a new perspective, new ideas and better checks and balances for any council. This election is an opportunity for the community to vote in new councillors.

Has the current council let down the people of Moree? If so, how?

I think this council has done what it thinks is the best for the community. However, there is a lot of negative community feedback in relation to the money spent on the Gateway project.

What are you pastimes, hobbies or passions?

I am president of the Women’s Lawn Bowls at the Services Club and have a passion for roses, tennis and reading.

Is there anything else you would like to add that hasn’t been covered in this questionnaire?

I have a strong sense of community and feel that I have the commitment, time and experience to contribute. I believe that the community votes for the people they think will listen to them, and advocate for services the community needs. I will be a strong advocate for addressing the needs of the community and ensuring the core business activities of council receive the budget needed to get the job done.

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