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When I walk in the PO Hotel, I see Red, I see Red, I see Red . . . I see Red-ed-ed, I see Red!! (with abject apologies to Split Enz). Steven Red Lloyd, a long-serving (pun intended) employee of the Post Office Hotel, just can’t get enough of Toby’s Estate coffee from Deluxe Café Moree. He grabs one on the way to work, and then gets a few more delivered later in the morning for himself and his co-workers. How times have bloody changed Steven Red Lloyd! Red’s a part of the furniture at the PO, one of Moree’s favourite watering holes that still serves icy-cold beer and great food. There is also a well-stocked drive-thru bottle-shop as well as a great beer garden. Next time you call in for a cold one, say g’day to Red . . . and don’t forget to serenade him with a reworked version of Split Enz’s I See Red!! Just tell him, Deluxe Café Moree sent you 

We’d like to introduce everyone to the great people that have helped make Deluxe Cafe Moree the must-visit mobile coffee shop in the north and north-west – our valued customers!


Just about everyone across the north and north-west (and southern Queensland) wakes up with Ando at Radio 2VM five mornings a week from 6am until 9am. We can do better than that here at Deluxe Café Moree . . . we make his bloody coffee as well!! Ando is a regular drop-off at around 6.20am Monday to Friday. Ando is also responsible for the hugely popular Saturday morning sports digest from 6am until midday. It’s a Commonwealth of Australia Sport Achievement Award recipient for services to community sport, and for our money the best show of its kind this side of the black dot. Don’t forget to “Like” Radio 2VM’s Facebook page and while you’re at it, take a look at the station’s new website at Breakfast with Ando and Toby’s Estate coffee from Deluxe Café Moree simply go hand-in-hand!!


Where would we be without the wonderful nurses at Moree Hospital? These are the dedicated people that work tirelessly and effortlessly to make sure your stay at Moree Hospital is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. They are the unsung Samaritans that treat their job as a passion, not just a job. And remember, their passion is not a 9-5 posting so think of those that will be doing the red-eye shifts over the forthcoming Easter break. Deluxe Café Moree is proud that we can donate our customers’ tips to Moree Hospital and these funds continued generosity from our customers will this year be used in Moree Hospital’s maternity ward – yes, we do deliveries there as well but only Toby’s Estate Coffee! For a full Deluxe Café Moree menu in printable PDF format, go to


Management and staff at Kenway and Clark Moree are, without a shadow of doubt, Deluxe Café Moree’s most loyal customers. On the day we opened at our regular spot five days a week back in October, 2008 Karen from Kenway and Clark was one of our first phone calls. And when we began our free in-town delivery service a few weeks later, Kenway and Clark was our first drop-off. Kenway and Clark has been an agricultural behemoth in Moree since 1960, since spreading its wings to Inverell, Goondiwindi and Wee Waa and employing around 100 people. The company has seen the good times and bad through floods and droughts, and last week’s drenching brought a collective smile across all four branches – nearly as big a smile as when their Toby’s Estate Coffee is delivered at around 8.30 each weekday morning. Don’t forget to Like Kenway and Clark on Facebook and while you’re at it, take a look at their website,


The boys at Jukes and Sons Tyre Centre in Moree never get tyred of Toby’s Estate coffee from Deluxe Café Moree. The regular four – Chris, Geoff, Graham and Craig – collect their coffees punctually each morning, five days a week. They have been great supporters of Deluxe Café Moree since we opened nearly six years ago and we can’t recommend them enough if you’re looking for any tyre-related products or services. Nothing is a problem at Jukes and Sons Tyre Centre and the entire crew will go that extra mile to ensure that your needs are met.


Shelli Morse’s great little shop in the Max Centre, La Maison Rose, has become a magnet for shoppers looking for that something special. Shelli opened La Maison Rose as a pop-up shop just a few weeks before Christmas and such was its popularity, she now has a thriving business that offers all types of giftware and clothing for all ages – and the ages. And Shelli loves her coffee, too!! Deluxe Café Moree delivers her Toby’s Estate Coffee skimmed cappuccino just after she opens at 10am Monday to Friday. If you’re looking for that ideal gift for someone special, you’re sure to find it at La Maison Rose on Balo Street. Visit and Like Shelli’s Facebook page


Cultum Contracting rarely gets a day started without an early morning Toby’s Estate coffee from Deluxe Café Moree. David Boland is an agricultural all-rounder specialising in farm contracting for all broadacre farming operations including sowing and planting, spraying, camera spraying, harvesting, fertilising, kelly chaining and offsetting. David is also expert at developing new country, hay baling and excavator work.
You’ll get hold of David through wife VJ Boland’s Facebook page or simply just call David on 0427 651839.
If you’re on the land, then David’s your man.


Theatre nurses at Moree Hospital just can’t pass a scalpel until they’ve had their Toby’s Estate Coffee from Deluxe Cafe Moree We’re proud to be associated with an often unsung Moree vital service and thanks to our generous customers, the Moree Hospital counter-top tip jar has just passed the $8000 mark!!


Dibs Cush and her amazing Robin’s Nest for Children store has been an avid customer of Deluxe Cafe Moree since day one and is a regular on our daily “Heber Street run”. Visit Dibs’ shop – don’t forget to take along the kids – and visit her Facebook page today!!


Important staff meetings need important coffee, and that’s why staff members at Sutherland Reid and Farrar in Moree have Toby’s Estate coffee from Deluxe Café Moree delivered straight to the boardroom on a regular basis. Sutherland Reid and Farrar has been an accountancy institution in Moree since the 1930s and continues to service the needs of clients large and small. Check out their website at