Lots 15-18 Leap for Mick online art auction

Welcome to the Leap for Mick online art auction, aimed at raising money for terminally-ill Moree man Mick Colbran, his wife Alice and their two young boys, Tom ad Sam.

Lots 15-18, and the stories behind them, are listed below with bidding officially opening at 6pm sharp on Friday, February 26.

Winners will be announced after all bidding officially closes at 6pm sharp on Sunday, March 13.COLBRAN_mick_alice 199

A Tip: This is an auction where the highest tender wins, so making an offer fractionally above the “offers above” figure will not necessarily win the item. Genuine buyers need to consider this, as the tender process is open for 16 days and potential buyers can only place one offer. The trick is to be generous and bid skyward if you genuinely want the item you are bidding on.

How the auction works: Prospective buyers will have three options when lodging bids. Bidders can privately inbox offers to “Bill Cindy Poulos” on Facebook, email offers to or text offers to 0448 203621. Please state your full name and telephone contact details (mobile preferred) as well as the Lot Number and name of the item you are bidding on and the amount you are offering. You can bid on more than one item and all offers will be strictly confidential. In the event of equal highest offers on any item, all bidders concerned will be notified and invited to renew their offers. Freight or postage costs are the responsibility of the successful tenderer. Payment will be made to a special Leap for Mick trust account that has been set up at New England Mutual after bidding is closed and the winners announced.

All pieces can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.

A big, big thank-you goes to Kylie McNamara, James Kearns, Nikki Rose, Chris Roberts, Heidi Morris, Jody Connelly, Yaama Ganu Centre, The Moree Gallery, Ian Reardon, Chloe McDermott, Belinda Williams, Janelle Boyd, Kristy Gray, Ann Johnson, Kerrie Matchett and Murray Hartin for making this happen!

Bidding on all items will open at 6pm sharp on Friday, February 26 and close at 6pm sharp on Sunday, March 13.

Lot #15

The Finish by Bill Poulos

BILL Poulos is a freelance journalist who has been covering thoroughbred and greyhound racing, general sport and mainstream news for numerous publications across Australia for nearly 30 years.

Last year he won a prestigious Kennedy Award for Excellence in NSW Journalism – beating Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes and The Australian newspaper – and in 2010 collected a Racing NSW Award for Journalism Excellence, and his contribution to the country racing sector.


Bill Poulos with The Finish

The Finish – the closing stages of the 2008 Talmoi Bracelet – is of significant bush-racing history.

The winner, Port and Brandy, became the first horse in 78 years to win all three bracelets on the Golden Triangle circuit at Moree, Mallawa and Talmoi (Garah) in the same season.

“This is one of my favourite photos,” Bill said.

“I’m not a professional photographer by any means but that day at Garah races I was lucky to be in just the right spot at just the right time to capture a piece of bush-racing history.

“Port and Brandy did something very special that day – something that could very well take another 70 or 80 years before it is repeated,” he said.

“It’s also interesting to note that the three horses in front at the 100-metre mark where this was taken – Miss Nidan, Faux Pas and Port and Brandy on the outside – are virtually all airborne at the very same moment.

“My wife Cindy commissioned Ian Reardon to replicate this image on canvas for my 50th birthday and he did an incredible job – sorry, Mick (Colbran) but that’s one painting that won’t be included in the online auction,” Bill smiled.

The Finish measures 46cm high x 57cm wide. Offers above $350 please.

The Finish can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.


Lot #16

Parpul by Yikartu Bumba, donated by Yaama Ganu Centre

MOREE’S Yaama Ganu Centre has donated Parpul, painted by renowned artist Yikartu Bumba, a member of Martumili Artists of Western Australia.

The Martu are the traditional owners of a vast area of the Great Sandy, Little Sandy and Gibson Deserts. Their country stretches from the Percival Lakes in the north, to Lake Disappointment in the south, and runs east across the Canning stock route to the Western Australia-Northern territory border.

Parpul depicts “big rock-hole” near Wirnpa in Juwaliny country, just north of the Percival Lakes area and not far from Yikartu’s birthplace, Lalyipuka.


Cafe Gali’s Claire Williams and Tiana Shervey with Parpul.

Yikartu now lives with the Punmu community and often paints her husband’s country, which is close to Wirnpa, but also paints her parents’ and grandparents’ country in the north of the Great Sandy Desert.

The Yaama Ganu Centre, co-funded by the Aboriginal Employment Strategy and Indigenous Land Corporation, supports artists from the local Kamilaroi nation as well as artists from communities throughout remote Australia.

The centre’s Café Gali, under the guidance of Catherine Madden and Toby Osmond, offers hands-on training to members of the local Indigenous community in all areas of hospitality.


Artist Yikartu Bumba.

This ‘one-of-a-kind’ project has been applauded for creating highly successful and practical solutions to tackling the ongoing issues surrounding Aboriginal employment.

In the local Kamilaroi language yaama ganu translates to “welcome all”, and the positive response and ongoing support has been a clear indication that the community indeed welcomes the Yaama Ganu Centre as part of the diverse fabric of Moree.

“Each year members of the AES and the Yaama Ganu team head out to the desert to source artworks from remote Indigenous art centres in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia to bring home to Moree and exhibit,” Toby said.

“Art centres are community-based enterprises, which provide economic, social and cultural benefits to Aboriginal people and play a vital role in their communities.

“We purchase all our artworks from these community-owned centres where art sales are often the only form of income.

“This also ensures that artists are paid the market value for their work,” Toby said.

Parpul measures 61cm high x 61cm wide. Offers above $550 please.

Parpul can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.


Lot #17

Bringing Them Home in the Channel Country by Heidi Morris

HEIDI Morris has only been taking photographs of this big, wide land of ours for a short while however her fascinating – sometimes haunting – images are getting noticed around the world.

Bringing Them Home in the Channel Country, Heidi’s second donation to the Leap for Mick online art auction, is a superb portrayal of cattle mustering in outback Queensland.

“This image was taken in the Palparara muster in April, 2015 as we were yarding them up,” Heidi said.


Heidi Morris and Bringing Them Home in the Channel Country.

Palparara is an outstation of Davenport, a huge cattle fattening station in south-west Queensland’s channel country. The entire enterprise covers more than one-and-a-half million hectares and can carry 29,000 head of cattle.

“It’s an amazing place,” Heidi said.

“There were about 2000 head in that mob, with head stockman Philip Heathwood – better known as Flop – keeping the whole operation running smoothly,” she said.

Heidi’s father Garry was diagnosed with a rare form of metastatic blood cancer in 2014. He is responding well to treatment however the cancer will forever be in his blood system “waiting for a target”.

“Moree is such a generous community, and when dad really needed help with medical costs the whole town chipped in,” Heidi said.

“We as a family are forever grateful for that and one thing I’m really passionate about is doing what I can to help people out that need it the most – I’m honoured to be a part of a community that shows the same compassion,” she said.

Bringing Them Home in the Channel Country measures 73cm wide x 58cm high. Offers above $350 please.

Bringing Them Home in the Channel Country can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.


Lot #18

Picked For You by Kristy Gray

MOTHERHOOD and raising two young kids put Kristy Gray’s artistic talents on hold for quite a few years, but as her two daughters Georgie and Abbie grew older – they’re now 16 and 13 – she decided to return to the easel.

And judging by the wonderful artworks displayed on her Facebook page, Created With Colour, it shouldn’t be too long before this self-taught artist has potential buyers making enquiries.

“I did art at school and painted for a while but when the kids came along I stopped,” Kristy said.

“About five years ago I started going to the workshop at the Moree Plains Gallery and started painting and drawing again.”

Kristy has donated mixed media piece Picked For You for the Leap For Mick online art auction and says she is “happy with the outcome”.

“I was playing with mixed media and this is a completely different style for me, but I’m really, really happy with the outcome” she said.

“The textures and the colours really work well – Picked For You is a proud, first experimental piece,” she smiled.

Kristy, who manages the St Philomena’s School canteen, also teaches basic drawing classes at the Moree Community College on Frome Street.


Kristy Gray and Picked For You.

She says she would love to one day exhibit her works.

“I’ve done a few commission pieces and sell some works here and there, but I’ve mainly given a lot of paintings away to family,” she said.

“I would like to one day exhibit my work. Last year I won the Most Successful Exhibitor at the Moree Show and had works displayed at the Mungindi Art Festival – I’ve started spreading my art around a little bit, but I just haven’t branched out far enough to host a full exhibition.”

Potential buyers are urged to cast their eyes over some of the works displayed on Kristy’s Facebook page, Created With Colour – it is another example of Moree’s hidden talent.

Picked for You measures 92cm wide x 60cm high. Offers above $250 please.

Picked for You can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.