Local law firm donates big to Moree Pre-School and Croppa Creek Bowling Club

EVEN in these dry times, generosity abounds – thanks to the thoughtful staff at Rhodes Kildea.

Despite the season, staff at the local law firm has not skipped a beat donating to its ‘local charity collection’, with The Moree Pre-School and Croppa Creek Bowling Club the worthy recipients of recent donations.

Moree Pre-School director Pamela Campbell said the $500 donation was very much appreciated, and would go towards an adventurous bamboo lined bike path.

Moree Pre-School Director, Pamela Campbell with Rhodes Kildea’s Sarah Osborn and Pre-School Committee President, Michael Picone.

“At Moree Pre-School we continually strive to make our grounds fun and exciting, and this money will go a long way in contributing to these goals,” Mrs Campbell said.

A former Moree Pre-School parent and Rhodes Kildea director, Sarah Osborn, was thrilled to see funds directed to the pre-school, admitting all three of her children have very fond memories of their time there.

“It’s a beautiful centre with a gorgeous, fun space and Rhodes Kildea is proud to be contributing to such an important asset to young families in our community,” Mrs Osborn said.

Rhodes Kildea’s Hayley Barrington, a Croppa Creek local, said she was also excited to be donating $500 for play equipment at the local club.

“The Croppa Creek Bowling Club has become quite the hub for the region, and it’s wonderful to be able to head down on the weekend, catch up with friends, share a meal and know that the little ones are well entertained,” she said.

“Particularly living out of town, these types of assets are what makes a community.”

President of The Moree Pre-School, Michael Picone thanked Rhodes Kildea for its generosity, and believed it was just another example of Moree’s unrivalled community spirit. 

Words and Image: Georgina Poole