Laura White returns to The Moree Gallery

PORTRAYING the beauty she sees in everyday life, and capturing colour, light and texture to produce artworks that speak to the senses, Laura White this month brings her stunning creations to The Moree Gallery.

Enjoying soaring success, the Melbourne still-life talent will reveal her latest body of work during her upcoming exhibition Still Collective, opening Friday, August 23.

Originally from Argentina, Laura White is now an Australian realist artist specialising in still-life and nature-inspired oil paintings.

Her latest collection of works feature exquisite and soothing vignettes, including vessels, jugs, gardenias and magnolias.

Her charming paintings illustrate vivid images of clarity and life-like quality.

Laura White will exhibit Still Collective at The Moree Gallery in August.

Using multiple layering methods and translucent glazes to achieve depth and texture in her work, she is constantly applying the rules of balance, tone and texture to her paintings. 

“The carefully chosen objects are placed in compositions in such a way that together they almost become one,” Laura explains.

“By keeping compositions relatively sparse, the subjects are given breathing space, emphasising their beauty, even when the object is a ginger jar or a battered enamel pitcher.

“I am inspired by the everyday items usually taken for granted.  My aim is to engage the viewer not only with their sense of sight, but also that of touch, taste and smell.”

This will be Laura’s second visit to Moree, having successfully sold through the gallery since 2014.

“I took up painting later in life, after having worked for Victoria Police for over 24 years,” she said.

“Desperately needing a change, however I never imagined it would become a career.”

She describes her latest collection of still life works as an ‘eclectic mix’ that included focal points such as enamel jugs, cutlery, florals and blue and white china.

“This body of work reflects calming scenes of beauty, reflected through a soothing neutral palette, which I think given the current season, could be greatly appreciated,” Laura says.

“There is such a huge appreciation for art in rural Australia and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to exhibit in a region renowned by its eye for art.”

Still Collective opens at 10am Friday, August 23 and runs through until September 16.

Drinks with the artist, Friday August 23, 5.30 to 7.30pm, with a full catalogue available online at from Wednesday, August 14.

Words: Georgina Poole