Drought can’t stop Moree’s future workforce

WHILE the season and drought has slowed our region down this year, it’s not stopping Moree Tyrepower investing in the town’s youth and future.

Three current staff members have just completed – or are in the process of completing – apprenticeships through Moree Tyrepower.

And now the business has recently taken on a new apprentice – despite the drought.

Moree’s Bodhi Hardy started an apprenticeship this month and is excited for the future.

Having completed work experience at Moree Tyrepower last year, the former Year 10 student at Moree Secondary College knew it was the career for him.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and physical work, and the blokes here at Tyrepower are great to work with – it’s an awesome team,” Bodhi said.

Tyrepower Moree’s master of apprentices James von Drehnen (far right) with his team of young workers.

“It feels good to be getting a head start on my career, especially being able to stay locally here in Moree.”

Moree Tyrepower’s James von Drehnen says the drought was not enough to deter him putting on apprentices.

“It’s vital we invest in our youth. These kids are our future skilled staff, our future business owners, our future community decision makers,” James said.

“School is not for everyone, and we want kids to know there is an alternative if they’re prepared to put in the hours and see the big picture.”

Matt Annis-Brown is another Moree local, half-way to earning his ticket.

He says he feels extremely fortunate to be employed in a job he loves, learning practical, useful skills.

Admitting school wasn’t for him, he believes his apprenticeship has set him up for life.

“Even when I see some of my peers who finish school and went onto Uni, I still think I’m ahead of the game in regards to skills and employment,” Matt said.

Caleb Thompkins completed his apprenticeship last August and has hit the ground running.

At just 20, Caleb has already had experience running the team, working in the office and talking with customers, and this multi-skilling is an important element gaining responsibility post-apprenticeship.

Phil Diack completed his ticket just last month, and said it felt good knowing he was now employable for the rest of his life.

“It’s scary looking for a job. I did a mature-aged apprenticeship so I know first-hand how hard it can be looking for employment, especially for young blokes trying to break into an industry,” Phil said.

“I’ve got a family now and bills to pay so having this apprenticeship is huge peace of mind and security for the future.”

So far it seems Bodhi is the only apprentice to be put on across the district this year, which makes studying at the local TAFE tricky.

Bodhi will travel to Tamworth to complete his theoretical components, but James is confident that once the season turns it will be action stations, and Moree will need all the youth and enthusiasm it can muster.

The team at Tyrepower congratulates Bodhi – it’s exciting to be securing Moree’s workforce for the future, now.

Words and Image: Georgina Poole