Double demerit points in force in Moree during festive season

DOUBLE demerit points will be in force for 11 days over the Christmas and New Year period to improve road safety during the holiday season.

Moree Plains Shire Council’s road safety officer Renee McMillan said that double demerit points would run from Thursday, 21 December 2017 to Sunday, 3 January 2018 for all speeding, seatbelt and helmet offences as per previous years but this year the NSW Government have recently announced that mobile offences will now incur double demerits also.

Double demerit points have proven to be an effective road safety initiative to make holiday travel safer for everyone on New South Wales’ roads.

Since double demerit points were introduced in 1997 there have been significant reductions in fatal crashes over the holiday periods, including Christmas and New Year, Easter and long weekends.

“I urge all motorists – particularly during this holiday period – to be patient on the roads and take care.  Motorists should be aware of driver fatigue, stick to the speed limit, wear their seatbelt, reduce distractions in the car by not using mobile phones and avoid mixing alcohol with driving” Ms McMillan said. DD001

“Driving over the speed limit to save a couple of minutes, pushing on driving when you are tired, answering your mobile phone whilst behind the wheel and driving after a few Christmas drinks isn’t worth the risk of not arriving at all.

“We want everyone to have a happy and safe Christmas with their families – please obey the road rules and drive safely,” she said.

Traffic on roads to popular holiday destinations, increases by up to 50 percent during the Christmas and New Year holiday period, so it is important to obey all the road rules.

“I ask all drivers to remain vigilant over the holiday period.  We all have a part to play in reducing the amount of crashes and risks.  Remember to slow down, schedule plenty of breaks during your trip, limit distractions in the car, don’t drink and drive and ensure all your passengers are wearing their seatbelts,” Ms McMillan said.

“The road toll usually makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons at this time of year.  Let’s get it in print for the right reason this year by recording a fatality free holiday period.”

The double demerit points in force over the Christmas/New Year period are:

  • Exceed the speed limit by 10km/h and under (2 points)
  • Exceed the speed limit by over 10km/h (6 points)
  • Exceed the speed limit by over 20km/h (8 points)
  • Exceed the speed limit by over 30km/h (10 points)
  • Exceed the speed limit by over 45km/h (12 points)
  • Driver not wearing his/her own seatbelt (6 points)
  • Driver penalty for each passenger not wearing a seatbelt (6 points)
  • Rider on a motorcycle not wearing his/her own helmet (6 points)
  • Rider penalty for passenger on a motorcycle not wearing a helmet (6 points)
  • Using a mobile phone while driving (8 points)Council1718