Don’t let disputes with neighbours simmer this summer

Media Release

THE State Government’s free mediation service, Community Justice Centres (CJCs), is ready to take the heat out of neighbourhood conflict in the region this summer, Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall announced today.

Mr Marshall is encouraging those who have running disputes neighbours to seek help from CJCs before the feuds get out of hand.

“Poor relations with your neighbours can be stressful and in most cases mediation is a better option than expensive legal action or trading insults over the fence,” Mr Marshall said.jag-2990377-v1-csbdesignqcatdisputes-373x189yrclaside

“During the summer period, CJCs often see an increase in neighbour noise disputes, but I don’t think many people in this area are aware of this assistance.

“While many neighbours enjoy spending time together over the holiday period, others find themselves at their wits’ end as they endure raucous parties and other disturbances, such as noisy air conditioners, pool pumps and children.”

Mr Marshall said CJCs mediations provided a safe and neutral environment for people in dispute to put forward their point of view and listen to the concerns of others.

“The professional mediators don’t make judgments but work equally with all parties and achieve an agreement in almost 80 per cent of cases,” he said.

“The service is available throughout the Northern Tablelands and across the state and CJCs will arrange a session at a location convenient for all parties involved.”

The top 10 neighbourhood mediation topics for CJCs in NSW for 2014-15 (in order) were: Trees, fences, animals, privacy, children, access, retaining walls, common facilities, trespass and plumbing.

The service also helps resolve conflict between family members, work colleagues and groups including amateur sporting and cultural associations.

For more information, visit or call 1800 990 777.