Daylight saving to be extended: Moree solar farm the big winner

NEW South Wales will later this year trial extended daylight saving hours, with Moree’s new solar farm one of the big winners it was announced late yesterday.

The trial, devised by the Australian Climate Control board, will commence at 2am on Sunday, August 7 and finish at 2am on Sunday, May 7 next year – adding three months to the current daylight saving time-frame.

Australian Climate Control chair Uri Multum said extended daylight saving hours would increase energy efficiency at solar farms that have been constructed around Australia, including the recently-completed 56MW photovoltaic solar plant 10km south of Moree.

“Moree will be the big winner out of this,” Mr Multum said.sunscreen_blazing-sun

The extended hours, expected to be fully implemented by 2018, comes on the back of yesterday’s announcement that Origin Energy has inked a 15-year deal with the new Moree plant.

It is believed that Origin will buy 100 percent of the output from the farm, which has recently been commissioned by the local unit of Spain’s Fotowatio Renewable Ventures.

The Moree solar farm is expected to produce 145 gigawatt hours of energy a year however this could increase to nearly 200 gigawatt hours of energy once daylight saving hours are extended.

“Energy outputs from solar farms around Australia will increase dramatically once extended daylight saving hours are introduced across the country – including Queensland,” Mr Multum said.

“I see the agreement between the Moree plant and Origin Energy as being just one of many similar deals being done across Australia as more solar farms are constructed,” he said.

FOOTNOTE: This article ceased to have any semblance of truth at midday on April 1, April Fool’s Day.