Crunching numbers for AFF is the perfect fit for Moree’s Adam O’Neile

WORKING for one of Australia’s leading agribusiness companies, Adam O’Neile has daily exposure to markets, innovations, policy and agricultural developments – all from right here in his beloved home town of Moree.

Adam is an accountant at Australian Food and Fibre, a globally renowned cotton and broadacre operation.

He says the experience is an exciting challenge.

“There’s a lot of additional farming knowledge required, as it is a different accounting role than I am used to, but AFF provides a great work environment where I am able to learn from the exceptional staff employed, allowing for continual growth in my career,” Adam said.

Adam graduated from Moree Secondary College in 2003 and admits he didn’t fully appreciate the efforts teachers went to during his high school years.

“I was at that immature age when you don’t fully understand that teachers are there to help us learn and improve, but I always enjoyed maths, woodwork and physical education, and in hindsight the teachers really encouraged me to do well in all these subjects,” Adam said.

“There was always a great sense of accomplishment when finishing projects in woodwork, and I always felt challenged to succeed in maths. Receiving my results was always pretty satisfying.”

Adam O’Neile says he didn’t fully appreciate the efforts teachers went to during his high school years but adds a strategy of subtle teacher encouragement worked wonders (Image: Georgina Poole).

He believes this strategy of subtle teacher encouragement worked wonders, particularly on young blokes like him who were more interested in sport.

Adam was a student during the merger of the former Moree Tech High and Courallie High School, and said the experience was positive.

“I was able to meet new people who I became lifelong friends with. It worked well when the two schools combined, and was a big step for the community,” he said.

After graduation, the keen sportsman, who plays both rugby and cricket for the community, admits he was unsure what to do long-term, and took on a few odd jobs.

“I finally decided accounting was a good profession for me. I was strong at maths and numbers seemed to be my thing – although my mates would agree that I could never stick to a budget,” he laughed.

Adam completed a cadetship at C&W Financial Services through the University of New England and was at the firm for ten years.

He is now looking forward to continuing his studies, and interested in completing a CA.

He’s also excited for a future here in his hometown, surrounded by his extensive network of family and friends.

“You can’t go past the people in Moree, and most of my family and close friends still live here,” he said.

“Through my work and rugby commitments I have been able to meet many of the local business owners, some of whom I am now fortunate enough to call close mates.”

Story and Image: Georgina Poole