Community members urged to register to have their say at MPSC open public forum

Moree Plains Shire Council invites all community members to attend Council’s open public forum at 4pm on Thursday, March 12, 2020 and utilise the opportunity to raise relevant issues they see within the community.

The public forum is designed to create a two-way face-to-face communication channel between Council and community members, ensuring community members are provided with a platform where their concerns are recorded and responded to in a formal environment.

To provide adequate time for all questions and concerns community members wishing to address Council must pre-register prior to the meeting and provide detailed information regarding their spoken topic.

To register, please contact Deena Murray, executive office on 6757 3222 or email by 4pm on Tuesday, 10 March 2020.

Prior to addressing Council, speakers should review the following public forum guidelines:

1: Speakers must comply with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice (Public Forums) section 4, page 8 –;

2: If a speaker fails to observe a direction from the chairperson, the speaker will not be further heard;  

3: Each speaker is allowed three (3) minutes to address the Council;  

4: Speakers must not digress from the item on the agenda that they have applied to address the Council on; 

5: A councillor may direct a question to a speaker, through the chairperson, and the time limit for the answer to a question is three (3) minutes; 

6: A speaker is under no obligation to answer a question put to them by a councillor;  

7: A speaker cannot ask questions of the Council, councillors or council staff;  

8: Speakers must refrain from engaging in disorderly conduct, publicly alleging breaches of the Council’s Code of Conduct or making other potentially defamatory statements;  

9: Legal representatives acting on behalf of others are not permitted to speak unless they identify their status as a legal representative when applying to speak; and

10: Written, visual or audio material presented in support of a speaker’s address to the council will form part of the minutes of the meeting and a copy must be provided to the Council.   

Please note: The maximum time allocated to the public forum will be thirty (30) minutes however this may be extended by resolution of Council.

The conduct of the forum will be in accordance with Council’s usual requirements, including the Moree Plains Shire Council Code of Meeting Practice, the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and NSW Local Government (General) Regulations (2005).

Links: Council’s Code of Meeting Practice

Media Release: February 18, 2020