Christo only too happy to help out

CHRIS Roberts is a big man with a big heart – and he’s lost family and friends through cancer too many times.

“Both my brother Les and uncle, Keith Wright passed away from cancer, so it’s good to be able to donate something to a cause like the Leap for Mick fundraiser,” Chris said.

“I’ve also lost a few friends through cancer; it’s becoming far too common these days, and cancer doesn’t care who you are – it’ll just take you.”


Chris Roberts and Yurindiali Dreaming

Chris, better known as Christo to his many friends and family members, teaches at Moree East Public School. For the past six years he attended Moree TAFE College, where he attained an Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Practices Certificate IV as well as a diploma in visual arts.

“Much of my inspiration comes directly from local surroundings, especially the river,” Chris said.

“My artworks will frequently include fish, lizards and other wildlife and the carvings I do are of aboriginal people in a traditional and contemporary context.

It’s not hard to figure out just why Christo has stepped up and donated one of his pieces – a carved mirror – to the Leap for Mick online art auction, aimed at raising money for terminally-ill Moree man Mick Colbran.

“”I’m only too happy to help out in any way I can,” he said.

Chris’s piece is named Yurindiali Dreaming, Yurindiali meaning “goanna” in the local Aboriginal language.

“Yurindiali is the common word for goanna, and is one of our totems around the Moree area – he’s one of the good guys,” Chris said.

Yurindiali Dreaming measures 25cm x 25cm. Offers above $150 please.

Yurindiali Dreaming can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.