Chloe’s Tiger roars for Leap for Mick online fundraiser

CHLOE McDermott is an aspiring young artist from Perth suburb Cottlesloe who has already produced a vast body of work.

Tiger is Chloe’s first signed piece, and the first to be put up for public sale.

And that’s not surprising, given that Chloe only recently reached double figures – she turned 10 on February 25.

But don’t let age daunt you when considering a bid for Tiger in the Leap for Mick online art auction.


Perth artist Chloe McDermott

Chloe McDermott is a serious young artist whose passion is boundless.

Her dad Michael is a professional cinematographer and her creative mum Jane fully supports and encourages their gifted daughter.

“Chloe has been delighting us for years with her art,” Jane said.


Chloe McDermott’s Tiger

“She loves experimenting with different styles and techniques and it’s been fantastic to see her talent develop and her illustrations become more detailed and layered as she gets older.

“Often quirky, Chloe’s drawings always make us smile and she really enjoys drawing and painting.

“She takes great pride in her work – just as we do,” she said.

In years to come Chloe McDermott will be a household name in art circles around Australia.

That is something we are most certain of.

Whoever purchases Tiger has made a wise investment in a young artist’s future.

Tiger measures 34cm high x 42cm wide. Offers above $150 please.

Tiger can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.

Welcome to the Leap for Mick online art auction, aimed at raising money for terminally-ill Moree man Mick Colbran, his wife Alice and their two young boys, Tom ad Sam.

Winners will be announced after all bidding officially closes at 6pm sharp on Sunday, March 13.

A Tip: This is an auction where the highest tender wins, so making an offer fractionally above the “offers above” figure will not necessarily win the item. Genuine buyers need to consider this, as the tender process is open for 16 days and potential buyers can only place one offer. The trick is to be generous and bid skyward if you genuinely want the item you are bidding on.

How the auction works: Prospective buyers will have three options when lodging bids. Bidders can privately inbox offers to “Bill Cindy Poulos” on Facebook, email offers to or text offers to 0448 203621. Please state your full name and telephone contact details (mobile preferred) as well as the Lot Number and name of the item you are bidding on and the amount you are offering. You can bid on more than one item and all offers will be strictly confidential. In the event of equal highest offers on any item, all bidders concerned will be notified and invited to renew their offers. Payment will be made to a special Leap for Mick trust account that has been set up at New England Mutual after bidding is closed and the winners announced.

All pieces can be viewed at Moree Frame and Art on Heber Street in the Max Centre, Moree.

Bidding on all items will open at 6pm sharp on Friday, February 26 and close at 6pm sharp on Sunday, March 13.