Bumper wheat harvest set to boost Moree Plains Museum fundraiser

Grain growers across the region are preparing for a bumper wheat harvest that is being touted as potentially the biggest in decades.

And Moree & District Historical Society hopes some of the grain being delivered to silos across the black-soil plains can help boost a major project in Moree that has been nearly three years in the making.

In 2018, the Moree Lands Office on Frome Street was gifted to the society to be used as an historical museum, and restoration work on the building has been costly.

However, society spokesperson Bette Montgomery hopes grain-growers can donate a bushel or two as their grain trucks deliver wheat at receival points in the district as part of a huge grain-drive fundraising drive.

“Since the seasons have been kind, the crops are bumper and the prices are good to match,” Mrs Montgomery said.

“We are hoping grain growers will find a way to help us out. With a lot of co-operation, we’re planning a grain drive. 

“All growers need to do, is to inform their grain receival point or direct their truck drivers to put whatever measure they can spare to our NGR No. 13994454 as they deliver,” she said. 

“This will allow the proceeds of that amount of their load to be directed to MDHS‘s account. Our treasurer will happily, and most gratefully, provide acknowledgement of the donation.”

Mrs Montgomery said the society is keen to set up modern displays promoting the history and unique features of Moree Plains District in the Moree Plains Museum.

“We have been supported by the NSW State Government and Moree Plains Shire Council to acquire, repair and maintain the building.  We’ve been the fortunate recipient of several grants and donations which have allowed us, with volunteer members’ labour, to do much preparation and begin displays,” Mrs Montgomery said.

“We want to extend our displays with the most modern museum design and display features so that our Shire’s oldest public building will be as spectacular inside as out.

“Unfortunately, this doesn’t come cheaply so we are now appealing to the whole district for support.

“This graceful building – a local icon – deserves the best attention, and this can only happen with community support.

“Let’s make Moree Plains Museum something for the whole district to be proud,” she said.