Bruno’s Moree Freight Services starts 2021 with Business Appreciation Award

John and Jeni Bruno’s Moree Freight Services has started the New Year with a freight-load to remember after winning the Moree Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Business Appreciation Award for January, 2021.

Moree Freight Services is a local business that has been operating in Moree since April, 2000, and January’s award is a timely – albeit a couple of months early – 21st birthday present.

“We were both looking for a career change and when an opportunity arose to own our business, we seized upon it,” Jeni Bruno said.

“We have both lived in Moree for over 30 years and we both feel that the people and climate are some of the best things about living here.

“Moree has been a great place to live and raise our family. We enjoy meeting and seeing different people every day, not only in the work place but also within the number of community groups which we have had the pleasure to be involved in over the years.

“We believe our business has been successful because of the good customer service that we and our staff provide.

“We are always trying to meet our customers’ needs. These goals have been achieved over the years by the number of reliable, efficient and happy staff we have employed,” Jeni said.

Jeni and John have seen some majors changes from when they first began, with the implementation of scanning which allows parcels to be tracked from pick-up to delivery, as well as the quicker transit times that freight moves through the networks.

“We appreciate the loyalty of all of our customers who have supported us through both good and bad times as Moree has experienced over the last couple of years and we look forward to continuing to serve our regulars as well as new customers in the future,” Jeni said.

The COVID19 pandemic has changed the game significantly.

“There has been an enormous increase in online shopping which has increased our freight volumes significantly. For safety reasons we no longer have to receive signatures and regularly sanitise our equipment and vehicles,” Jeni said.

Moree Freight Services was nominated by Desley Towers.

“I’ve been dealing with Jeni and John Bruno for many years. They make my job so much easier, always doing that little bit extra when we’re waiting for urgent deliveries and staff are a pleasure to see each day,” Desley said.

Jeni said: “Desley has been a regular customer for a number of years and it was genuinely nice of her to nominate our business,

“We are very humbled to receive the award. We feel that there are a lot of other small businesses in our community that do wonderful jobs, day in day out, and wish everyone the best for 2021”.

Nominations for the February / March Appreciation Award are now open.

If you want to nominate a local business, charity or employee for their excellence provision of customer service go to Moree Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Facebook Page

Media Release: Friday, February 19, 2021