Barwon LAC to target unsafe driving practices in Moree and district

Over the coming months Barwon LAC will undertake a local campaign to directly seek out drivers who break the law and display unsafe driving practices.

Intense media attention is regularly given to motoring laws and in particular young drivers. Despite this, many drivers still do not fear the widely broadcast crash statistics and continue to flaunt the law putting themselves and others at risk.

“The general feeling received by the Police from the community is that they are sick of the hoodlum antics of a select group of riders and drivers. Drivers using streets for late night drags, burnouts and anti-social behaviour is not wanted here” Superintendent Paul McDonald said.

Although the Police are aware of the main recidivist traffic offenders they are interested to hear what the greater community has to say. Deaths of young people involved in motor vehicle accidents have a tragic impact on small communities such as Moree and Police do not wish accidents of this nature to occur when they could have been prevented.hwp-car-carousel

No one wants to receive that dreaded call from Police to inform you that your sister, daughter, son or brother has been involved in an accident. If you think your children, your friends or your neighbours need intervention to prevent them becoming a statistic, contact the Police.

“Most traffic accidents may have been avoided had drivers stuck to the rules. Your confidential information might just stop further fatalities occurring in this community” said Commander McDonald.

Are you aware of these activities in your street, do you know where drivers are congregating for illegal activities; does someone you know need to be reigned in? If so, let us know. The Moree Champion on behalf of Police will publish a form that Police will hope will be used to provide information in a confidential and anonymous format to combat these problems.

Alternatively information can be provided by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or anonymously via the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: We remind people they should not report crime information via online forums such as Facebook or Twitter.

Please remember do not place yourself at risk when trying to gather information for Police.

Media Release: September 22, 2016