Author Jenn J McLeod inspires a captive Moree audience

AN enthusiastic group of community members on Thursday enjoyed an afternoon with author Jenn J McLeod at Moree Community Library.

An interactive discussion on Ms McLeod’s novels, including her latest offering The Other Side of the Season, was a major highlight.


From left to right: Barbara Aisbett, Narelle Lablack, Author Jenn McLeod, Amanda Lablack and Will Penfold at Moree Community Library.

Big Sky Libraries co-operative library manager Sally Walters described Ms McLeod as “a wandering writer”, which is reflected in her country roots background and writings about small-town life.

“Jenn loves chatting about books, her writing process and sharing the highs, the lows, the pitfalls and her experiences in the publishing industry in general,” Ms Walters said.

“Her contemporary Australian fiction captures the imagination of people living in rural communities across the country and we were extremely fortunate for her to come along for a lovely afternoon at Moree Community library.”

Miss McLeod said her time at Moree Community Library was “like being with friends”.

“I love the chattiness of a smaller group (and) I think people are more open to asking questions,” Ms McLeod said.

“And there were some great ones, especially from a young aspiring writer who I hope I inspired a little.

“Thank you, Moree.”