Adam Marshall’s COVID-19 update week ending Friday, May 29

For the first time since March, the Northern Tablelands electorate is officially COVID-19 free.

All ten of our confirmed cases have moved into the recovered category, which is an outstanding achievement and one we should all be proud of.

I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to our front-line workers, our doctors, nurses, ambulance officers and police, whose efforts treating and managing the health of those patients has restricted the spread of infection.   

Now we have achieved this milestone we must continue to abide by social distancing measures and quality hygiene. The 1.5 metre rule is not a guideline, it is a way of life and unless we abide by it, coronavirus will return.

Residents in Inverell and Glen Innes will be pleased to know the drive through testing clinics at their respective hospitals are going to stay open another week – open until Friday, 5 June. Screening rates at these clinics have remained constant over the to weeks of operation, with around 350 tests taken at Inverell and 212 at Glen Innes.

The clinics operate Monday to Friday between the hours 1pm and 3pm. Those looking to be tested must book an appointment in advance by phoning the Inverell clinic on 6721 9520 and Glen Innes clinic on 0438 925 949, between 8am and 4.30pm.

The health advice remains that no matter how mild your symptoms, be they a slight sore throat, cough or shortness of breath, you should be tested. Please don’t be complacent and disregard these signs as simply a cold or flu.

From Monday, 1 June, the largest relaxation of coronavirus travel and public gathering restrictions to date will take effect.

Regional economies will start to reopen with intra-state travel for holidaying permitted and pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants allowed up to 50 customers, subject to a one person per four square metre rule and with strict social distancing guidelines.

Caravan parks and camping grounds will reopen to the public for extended stays. The decision to reopen is up to the individual operator and so those travelling should call ahead and confirm bookings. Travellers need to especially practice strong hygiene around shared facilities.

Cultural institutions including libraries, museums and galleries can also open their doors, however strict health standards will have to be met, to ensure the safety of staff and patrons.

Beauty and nail services will recommence with a stringent safety plan.

Finally overnight, it was also announced, from Monday, twenty people will be able to attend weddings, 50 at funerals and religious services, all subject to the four-square-metre rule.

As you can see large sections of our lives are coming back on-line. For this to continue we all need to keep doing our bit by washing our hands, using sanitiser and keeping the distance.

Remember, we are by no means out of the woods yet so please keep watching out for your family and friends and stay safe.


Media Release: May 29, 2020