Glen Innes Showground added to State Heritage Register

Media Release

THE picturesque Glen Innes Showground, one of the earliest established in NSW, has been added to the State Heritage Register, Heritage Minister Mark Speakman and Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall announced today.

Minister Speakman said the listing of the Glen Innes Showground was an acknowledgement of its importance to the state.

“Since the formation of the colony, agriculture played an important role in everyday life and local agricultural shows provided an opportunity for farmers to keep up with innovations and improvements to agricultural practice,” Mr Speakman said.

Glen Innes Showground heitage listing 1

Members of the Glen Innes Showground Trust pictured with Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall in the iconic century-old grandstand at the showground, Mike Norton, left, Mayor Col Price, Jo Cameron, Adam Marshall and Patric Millar.

“Glen Innes held its first annual show in 1869. Then in 1874, the town’s permanent showground was built after a Crown Lands grant.

“A number of handsome show buildings were constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, all of which are still in use to this day.

“These architect-designed, Federation style buildings are clustered around a central arena, in a beautiful cold-climate landscape setting and are a picturesque feature of the town.”

Mr Marshall said he was delighted to see the showground listed and its historical significance in to the community protected.

“I always enjoy visiting the Glen Innes Showground, no matter what the event – it is the most beautiful and charming I know of,” Mr Marshall said.

The showground is a focus of community energy and pride for the Glen Innes community and I acknowledge and pay tribute to the many hard-working volunteers who have maintained and improved the buildings and facilities.

“The aesthetic qualities of the Glen Innes Showground make it an outstanding illustration of an ‘ideal’ rural and regional showground in NSW.”

Showground Trust secretary Patric Millar said the listing, which had been keenly-sought by the Trust, would open up additional avenues of funding support for the showground.Glen Innes Showground heritage listing 2

“The listing will not inhibit the operation of the showground as the Trust has been working hard to preserve the heritage buildings for some time,” Mr Millar said.

“This is an exciting development for the showground and will likely help us continue to improve the look and functionality of the reserve.”

State heritage listing means that Glen Innes Showground is protected under the Heritage Act 1977 (NSW) for future generations, and that any major works item would be subject to decisions or advice from the Heritage Council of NSW.