2021 league season: Group 4 special meeting for all clubs this Sunday at Gunnedah

ALL Group 4 Rugby League clubs, which now includes Moree Boars, will begin preparations for the 2021 season at a general meeting in Gunnedah this Sunday, June 28.

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial restrictions it’s protocols placed on clubs, the Group 4 Board, in consultation with the clubs, elected to earlier this month call off the senior 2020 season.

But Chairman Ray McCoy and his Board haven’t been idle and will meet on Thursday night to discuss a range of items in preparation for Sunday’s “general meeting”.

“That general meeting in Gunnedah will not only include all Group 4 clubs but representatives from the Group 4 Referees Association, Group 4 Junior Rugby League and the NSWRL,” McCoy said.

“The general meeting will have a number of items on the agenda including the cancellation of the 2020 season, ongoing COVID-19 protocols in 2020 and beyond, supporting Group 4 Junior Rugby League, player registration and insurance, Group affiliation fees, the future of women’s rugby league, club’s strategic plans moving forward, growing our referee numbers, preparing for season 2021 and the possibility of organising a NSWRL Greater Northern under 18s ‘academy’ competition or gala days this year.

“Following the merger of Country Rugby League with the New South Wales Rugby League, it is anticipated that NSWRL’s Scott Bone will also be on hand to provide clarity to the Group 4 clubs on rugby leagues future direction in the Greater Northern region,” McCoy said.

Sunday’s meeting starts at 10.30am and will be held at the Gunnedah Services Club.

Words: Geoff Newling

Image: Moree Boars