2018 Year 12 Moree Secondary College graduates making career inroads in 2019

THE world is currently Chantelle Cubis’ oyster.

After last year graduating from Year 12 at Moree Secondary College, the bubbly teenager has local employment she enjoys and is set for university in 2020.

The fact that she was one of the highest-scoring students in regional NSW, with an ATAR of 92 with two Band 6s and two Band 5s, is just the icing on the cake.

“I did better than I expected; I definitely found the HSC hard, so I wasn’t sure how I’d go,” Chantelle said.

Humble in her success, Chantelle has been offered spots at five different universities for her degree of choice, secondary teaching.

And with a score that would allow entry into some of the most coveted degrees across Australia, teaching has always been Chantelle’s dream career – inspired by her own local education.

“I had two years at More Secondary College after coming across from St Philomena’s, and I loved my time there,” she said.

“Staff was so supportive, and genuinely invested in wanting us to do well – which made us all work even harder.”

In fact, Chantelle loved MSC so much that she returned in 2019 to work as a Student Learning Support Officer five days a week.

“It’s different being on the other side of the classroom, but I’m loving working back at MSC,” Chantelle said.

Recent school leavers enjoying the freedom of life after school at The Post Office Hotel Trivia Night.

“It’s the perfect stepping stone for my degree and future career and it’s nice to already have those relationships, with both students and teachers, in place.”

Chantelle is just one of a group of recent MSC graduates currently enjoying the freedom and independence of life beyond school.

Jazmine Carroll is another recent graduate thrilled with her results.

“I received a Band 5 in all my subjects – Advanced English, Advanced Maths, Physics, Ancient History, Legal Studies and Extension Maths,” Jazmine said.

Jazmine received an ATAR of 85.6 and is enrolled to study a science degree at UNE externally whilst working at Assef’s.

“I want to get stuck into my studies, but I also want to earn money so I think this will be the best balance,” she said.

“I plan to start with a Science degree and see where it takes me. I have an interest in Physics and Maths so my path may lead that way eventually.”

Davin Jackson, also, has all his ducks in a row.

With an ATAR of 60 he has been accepted into Newcastle University to study surveying, while currently working at local surveying business, SMK.

“My dad is a surveyor at SMK and it’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s very handy to have a job straight out of school in a field I want to work in,” Davin said.

Davin will take a 12-month working gap year before starting University, gaining valuable on-the-job training and experience.

Callum Davie is looking to take up a trade in the future, and for now is happy working for Toll and enjoying the freedom of life beyond the classroom.

“I don’t miss the schoolwork,” Callum laughed.

 “But I do enjoy a different routine and being able to earn money and have my independence.”

Will Hawker currently works at Mitre 10, but is thrilled to have scored better than expected in his HSC.

“I feel I had a great education at MSC,” Will said.

“Being a smaller school I definitely felt I received more one-on-one attention from the teachers, and the Student Learning Centre was a lifesaver during exams.

“To know there was a place to go, almost 24/7 with teachers on hand to help with assessments and exam study was extremely beneficial.”

Will hopes to become a police officer, and the Police Academy places great emphasis on life experience prior to entry.

“I’m going to work for a while and explore what the requirements to become a police officer are, and I’m also looking at doing an internship here at the local station in the meantime,” he said.

And while a number of former students have decided to do a gap year in Moree, before launching into the next phase of their education and training, Patrick Montgomery recently left for Brisbane where he will embark on an aviation degree at Griffith University.

2018 MSC Graduates, Patrick Montgomery, Callum Davie, Will Hawker, Nick Sim, Davin Jackson and at front, Jazmine Carroll and Chantelle Cubis.

“I’ve always wanted to do aviation, and throughout the HSC that was my goal,” Patrick said.

With an ATAR of 78, Patrick said he was happy with his result – one that allowed him entry into aviation.

“It’s the score that I aimed for and needed to get in, so it was a relief. I’m pretty excited about the next chapter,” he said.

Patrick received a Band 6 in Metalwork and a Band 5 in Primary Industries and couldn’t fault his time at Moree Secondary College.

“I honestly don’t believe I would have achieved any better if I’d gone away to school. Everything I aimed for I achieved without having to leave my family, or community.”

Nick Sim is another recent school leaver buoyed by his experience at MSC.

“I have never intended going to University, but during school our drama teacher Stevie Drenkhahn really encouraged me into doing the stage lighting during school productions,” Nick said.

“This is something I really enjoyed, so I think I’ll end up doing something outside the box – watch this space!”

Moree Secondary College careers adviser, Sheree Cayirylys expressed deep pride towards the 2018 graduating cohort – a group who put the effort in, and are now reaping the rewards.

“Our students have done well transitioning from school with the majority having some form of employment – given the drought, this is very pleasing,” Mrs Cayirylys said.

“Some are starting with the Australian Defence Force, some going to University but the majority who gained a university offer are deferring to work and save money.

“It’s wonderful to see the students out in the world beyond school, thriving, ambitious and maintaining the friendships and connections made during their time at MSC.”

Moree Secondary College executive principal, Peter Sheargold was equally encouraging, quoting Dr Seuss.

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting! So get on your way!”

 Words and Images: Georgina Poole